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NOW HIRING - Seeking a professional Logo Designer

Hello again from the merkle tree! 😃
We'd like to hire a professional Logo Designer to make two (2) logos for us. 
To qualify: 
Be an expert Logo Designer.
Send us a link to your (login-free) public portfolio.
To prove that it's your portfolio, you must temporarily post something to that portfolio to prove that it's yours (text, or an image that says "Hi Ken" or something). After verification, that proof can be deleted.
Royalty-free deliverables must be in SVG and PNG formats, as well as the original software format (PSD, XCF, CPT, CDR, etc).
Bitcoin Cash must be legal in the country in which you live.
You must accept payment in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We would be happy to pay 50% up front (depending on your fee) and the 50% balance upon completion, including change-orders.
NOT required, but this is a plus:
Minify the SVG's (every byte counts).
Experience with webp
We are seeking to have 2 logos designed. Minimalism is everything. No gradient colors, basic colors only. Must look good on day/night modes on-screen and apps. Must look good if we ever have to use a greyscale version of the logo.
One logo is for Hive-Tube which merges the Peertube P2P streaming media software with the Hive blockchain (for monetization of videos, livestreams, etc). Here is the original announcement describing it, obviously before any professional imagery was designed: 
Here is a website that uses the Hive-Tube plugin: 
The other logo is for Hive-Cast which of course uses Hive too, but this app is for pre-recorded audio podcasts and live radio stations. 
This job will employ you immediately, and we're very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. Our staff is located all over the Earth. 
If you're qualified, you must dm Ken through ( with your portfolio link and to setup your interview. 
Please Re-blog this post to help spread the word, and THANK YOU! 💪😃 

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