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Muyano, Mira Joy M.

Axie Infinity Scholarship Application


Mobile No.: +639514960735

Email Address:


Home Address: Guiguilonen, Mangaldan, Pangasinan

Personal Profile

Name: Mira Joy M. Muyano

Age: 17

Birthdate: September 19, 2003

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino


          To find a scholarship from a good visionary team, where I can expand my skills and knowledge in Axie Infinity. Also, to be able to earn from grinding online games in order to sustain college tuition fees.

Skills and Qualification

  • Able to learn strategy and game mechanics quickly.
  • Able to adapt to different situations.
  • Able to easily understand and solve technical problems.
  • Able to evaluate strategical options and generating solutions.
  • Able to possess a strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at appropriate times.
  • Able to coordinate several tasks simultaneously
  • Able to handle challenges, with a proven history of increased productivity
  • Able to prioritize and operate proactively
  • Able to grind well with a minimum of 8 hours every day.

Gaming Experience

  • Albion Online: The Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
  • League of Legends
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Auto Chess VNG
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Magic Chess
  • Valorant
  • Rules of Survival
  • Growtopia

Do you have experience with Axie Infinity?

          I don't have experience in playing Axie Infinity but I have knowledge about its game mechanics as I watch the gameplay on Youtube. Also, attending online forums on different Discord servers. Moreover, I have connections to other Axie scholars who played this online long-term investment game. Being a quick learner, I could be able to adapt to the game's rules and mechanics.

Hours Spend Online

8-15 hours

Target SLP a Day

150-200 SLP (depends on quota)


Personal Computer & Android Phone

Wifi & Cellular Data

Reason for Application

          Currently, I'm taking BS Accountancy in my school which is Kingfisher School of Business and Finance. I was able to obtain a 50% scholarship to reduce my tuition fees. However, my parents want me to still find other scholarships since my father is the only one who works in our family. My mother is a housewife, taking care of my 1-year-old little brother.  Because of this, it's difficult for my father as he should supply the needs of the family. I am a consistent honor student since elementary. In my senior high school journey, I was able to reach white excellence which is equivalent to with honors, with a general average grade of 90-93. Lastly, as a gamer, I can grind up to 8-15 hours a day to reach the desired quota or more. As a responsible human being, I will always follow your rules and regulation. 

          Thank you for the opportunity to give this resume of mine to your team. I hope I will be given a chance to be part of Crypto Gaming University.

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