Develop Nft marketplace, nft minting Website


I am a full-stack blockchain developer with rich experience in developing various Dapps such as Defi, DEX and NFT projects. I am a senior smart contract developer who has 4 years solidity experience.

I attended to many smart contracts development for Defi, Dex, NFT and P2E Game projects so far.

Being well versed in backend I also have notable experience and expertise in python, django and AI as well. I have 5 years experience in tensorflow and pytorch, and also I developed and worked with multiple gpu supporting HPC for training ML models through Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service.

From 2015, I researched many ML projects with CNN,RNN and transformers.

My team worked with the followings: (Defi/Farming) (ICO) (ICO) (Dapp) (Dapp) (P2E 3D Chess Game) (Casino Game) (Prediction Game) (NFT Mint Site) (NFT) (NFT Marketplace)

I have the following skill set :

- Blockchain relevant development

* Smart Contract using ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, BEP20, SPL

* Truffle, hardhat, Solidity, Git, Remix

* DeFi(Decentralized Finance) DApps such as Lending, Staking, Banking, CEX/DEX

* Deploy and Testing by Truffle/Hardhat

* NFT Apps such as minting sites and marketplace based on ETH, BSC and Solana using Solidity and Rust.

* Crypto Play to Earn game

* Web3.js, for Blockchain Interactive with Frontend

* Olympus DAO, Pancakeswap, Uniswap fork

* Crypto Trading bot(sniper bot, arbitrage bot, frontrunning bot)

* Backend with GraphQL on various blockchain networks

- Web development

I have loads of experience in both frontend & backend development using various web frameworks including Node.js, React.js, Next.js and Django.

-AI development

ILSVRC DNNs: VGG, Inception, Resnet, Mobilenet, Densenet, Alexnet, Cifarnet

Object Detection DNNs: Mask_RCNN, SSD-Tensorflow, Yolo

Image Segmentation DNNs: Mask_RCNN

OCR: Tesseract, East, R2CNN, Synth-text-Chinese

Speech Recognition: Deepspeech, Deepspeech2, End-to-end-ASR-Pytorch, Returnn, Espnet

Speech Synthesis: Tacotron-2, Fastspeech2

Speech Denoising: DNSChallenge, Segan, Sednn

Acoustic Echo Canceller: AECChallenge

Voice Conversion: CVC, CycleGAN-VC2

Vocoder: Parallel WaveGAN, MelGAN, Wavenet

IC Placement: Simulated Annealing + Reinforcement Learning

Stock Price Prediction: StockPrice

Text-To-Image/Video Generation: VQGAN, VQGAN-CLIP

I would like to get a good friendship throughout honest and hard working.

Best regards.



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