I will create and connect a telegram PHP bot

Payment method
Ethereum Blockchain:
BNB Chain:

I will create and help to connect a full-fledged telegram bot with customization for your requirements.

It is possible to use parsing from third-party resources, or connect to your resources.

I create bots ranging from autoresponders and news parsers to command recognition and auto order systems from the site via voice control.

Bots can work as in the webhook mode (in the presence of https), or through cron (on any hosting)

Examples of bots:

@TagramBot - Instagram bot

@nfxpaymenbot - Signal subscription bot

@magazonbot - Bot store with admin panel

@zakazburgerbot - Shop shipping bot linked to google docs

@Vice_City_hookah_bot - Nightclub bot (Bara)

@CivilizationGame_Bot - Simple Game Bot

@iqminingbot - Medium Game Bot

@CapitalistGameBot - Complex game bot

@QUEST_GAMEbot - Game bot

@RandonautsBot - Bot for the game of finding anomalies by coordinates

@figaro_bot - bot shop

@concursus_bot - creating and running contests

@PlayEx_bot - exchanger

@Shelest_naSporte_bot - trainer

@LunoMeditationsBot - Bot subscription to receive notifications by time

@Animalsellerbot - bot message board

@ZarabotokBot - job bot

@Make_real_cash_bot is a bot of tasks and quests.

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