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Is your Python code running too slow? Does your PyTorch-based deep learning pipeline take ages to train? Or maybe you’re starting to learn Python and wonder if the runtime of your code could be improved? Whatever your situation is: I’m here to help you.

I will rewrite your Python code and provide you with a faster, more time-efficient version.

Please message me before placing an order.

What I need in order to help you:

  • Required: A Python function or a Python script of no more than 20 lines of code which I will review and rewrite for runtime improvement.
  • Optional: Additional setup code for calling the function. This includes example inputs and expected outputs.
  • Optional: A whitelist of allowed Python libraries (e.g. NumPy) and/or a blacklist of prohibited Python libraries.
  • Optional: Other requirements or details. For example whether GPU or multi-core processing may be used, etc.

What you can expect:

  • Jupyter Notebook which includes:
    • A faster version of your function/script.
    • A performance plot for before/after runtime comparison.
  • 1 Revision is included in the price.
  • Delivery within 7 days.

Do you have more than 20 lines of code, want more revisions, faster delivery or have other special requirements? No problem. Contact me and for an adjustment in the price, I’ll gladly take your requirements into account.

Why me? I work with Python, NumPy and PyTorch daily and more often than not need to write sufficiently fast code in order to train deep learning models within a reasonable time frame. This includes optimizing data loading, data processing, transfers between CPU and GPU and much more. With this Gig, I’d like to help others who might find themself in similar situations.


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