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Hello all :D 

I am offering to design and develop and custom website .
I have 10+ years experience in the field in this years I got an eye for how to achieve a perfect balance . 

we want the cost to be low that's why we go for a ready templates .  
but as the same time we don't want a ready template with all its problems of 
- being slow and heavy because of all the extra bolt wears .
- and hard to develop in the future 
- and the complex control panel 

for that I think I can provide a perfect balance 
buy building the website on WordPress that is costumed with my own Admin panel and a custom theme that build for your own project 
the cost is almost like the ready template one but with many plus points . 
- simple control panel that have only the parts you will need and use 
- scalable project that we can add an extra features in the future without a spike in cost 
- light pages because we will only use the libraries and files we need . 

the work process will go as follow . 
- first we have a meeting where I understand and requirement and features you need and understand your business 
will provide consultant as well to come up with the final plan
- then I will work on the website design and provide a link you can test the design as if its a ready site 
- do any edits required in the scoop of the project . 
- start working on the website development first we build the custom Admin panel 
- then build the website on the test server . 
- do any edits required in the scoop of the project . 
- we add the content or you can add it your self since the control panel is really easy and simple . 
- we lunch the website to the main domain . 

the job is not ended here ... 
our goal is creating and long term relationships.
so after lunching the website we will create an trello board and use the Agile devlopment methodology 
any time you need a new feature you can create a card and we will work on it and at the end of the month we send you 
an invoice for this month development fees . if you don't need any development this month the cost is zero.

looking forward to start working together. 


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