Technical Whitepapers Translation Into Spanish

Do you have a serious Crypto project that needs to boost its adoption beyond your native audience?

Welcome! I'm a translator specialized in blockchain tech related topics. This more than 6 years journey has given me the skills and tools to guarantee you a professional and technical service.

Don't trust on newbies very skillful with Google Translator, not more a word-for-word translation, not more a literal translation.

What can I offer?

Technical Whitepaper translation into Spanish

International Spanish translation (neutral for Europe and Latin America)

Balance between faithfulness and fluency

I can accept 75% of the translation service pricing in USDT and 25% in your token/cryptocurrency

(112.5 in USDT, 37.5 in your token/cryptocurrency)

What will you get

After two translation reviews, ou will receive a file in PDF of your translated whitepaper

The PDF will contain the translation not only of the text, but also of the images and graphs that it may content

(*) If you want that your translated whitepaper has a similar look than the original one,
an additional $50 will be charged.

Terms of work

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