Advertising for a crypto project


We are looking for talented advertisers for our newly launched crypto token. It doesn't matter if you are expert in Google Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit, Social Media Management etc. We are looking for anyone who can shoot our project to the top!

We are not a finance product, but a smart contract token based on price appreciation. Our development team is working on the further development every day.

Please share your experience with us as well on which projects you have been involved.

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Telegram Community Manager

We are looking for a Telegram Community Manager to lead our group. Tasks:- Answer questions- Build community and motivate them to participate in actions- Kick unwanted people- Keep the mood up

Proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

Introduction and basic information: This task is about development of a “proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap”. See example websites. A BEP20 token already exists and can be traded normally on Pancakeswap. The goal of this task is to give the customer easier access to buy and sell their tokens, as well as to provide and remove liquidity to the trading pair and view charts. Example: Here you can see that, you can connect your wallet through the browser, buy and sell tokens, add and remove liquidity, and see the chart of safemars. We would like to have exactly the same as Exactly the same functions, the same design, layouts, etc. Only the colors, the trading pair, i.e. the token should not be SafeMars but another token and some links have to be changed. Sources: You can find everything here:   Requirements: The token must appear in the search results. This should make it easier for the customer to buy and sell, as the contract address no longer has to be entered manually. The logo of the token must of course be implemented. The color of the page must match with the main website. When buying and selling, the trades should be made as usual though pancake swap engine / router.We do not want to develop our own DEX engine, it should only serve as a proxy to simplify buying and selling for the customer for that specific token only.

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Greetings to you, I am an ebook writer podcast ghostwriter proofreader with years of experience. I offer unlimited revisions till the satisfaction of my clients.My biggest strengths are the ability to think out of the box, strong work ethic, and working well under pressure. Action is the fundamental key to success kindly message me right now to get your work done as soon as possible


Hello Friends, I am a Igwe Nelson Nnamere a Crypto & Blockchain Writer, Enterperneur & EducationistI Promise to give you the best i can, I would give you best Writings on Crypto & Blockchain, it would be in any Writing manner that best suits you, including -:Content WritingsArticle Write-upsBlockchain WritingsBlogposts etcI can get in touch with your services, I would be very grateful.Thanks

gitbook documentation writer

we will give the details to write gitbook documentation  for the project and has to link it to the websiteexperienced people please contact

doxx video actor

im looking for an actor for doing doxxed video for a crypto project which has kyc

Content writer for crypto blog

Content writer for blogs about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, play to earn gamesI need a person who can write 1-2 articles per day for a blog about cryptocurrencies, NFT, play to earn games, metaverse.I would like to share the profits of the blog with the writer.For a long time job.

Tweeter Content Writer

We are newly launch crypto token. Familiar with crypto world. We are looking for temporary Tweeter content write more than 80 character. Tweet twice everyday for 30days. Social software will be using

Telegram Admin

We are newly launch token. We are looking for temporary Telegram Admin for 30days for 2 hours a day.

Content writer with experience in HYIPs Niche

Looking for long-term content writers in Crypto, Blockchain and HYIPs Niche.We are looking for a content writer who gets excited by the idea of creating content that informs, educates and inspires. This writer will create both long- and short-form content, supporting writing needs for our website, blog, downloadable assets, customer stories and other content formats as necessary. The role requires a talented content creator who knows how to turn information people need into information they want, while upholding editorial standards and displaying a sense of purpose in everything they create.The ideal candidate will know how to use the written word to support digital marketing and brand development efforts. They will sit on our content marketing team and work closely with our customer, campaigns, product and partner teams.You should be able to work on high-quality copies that are BOLD enough to evoke interest, emotions, and most importantly convert our “profit-seekers” into real Investors. The copy that shatters their defense shields and gains their trust. Carefully crafted to flow and guide them to get deeper...What to expectContent projects that require a firm understanding of our customers' interests and challenges and mapping those to Company benefits through thoughtful, readable copyA collaborative environment designed to inform and progress projects, balanced with independent periods of writingTeam-supported and self-motivated research on content writing best practices and latest trends to form an opinion on why and how new approaches should be considered at ContentfulBig picture strategies and localized tactics so that every piece of content created ties into our overarching content strategy while delivering on a specific need for our customersWhat do you need to be successful?Native/Fluent EnglishComfortable writing in a way that aligns with brand messaging, narrative and tone of voiceAbility to understand complex technological ideas and distill them into readable copy that doesn't feel like work to consumePortfolio of content projects that showcases a compelling writing approach and strong editorial skills3-5 years experience in content writing, preferably for payment enterprise technologyAbility to work independently as well as in a collaborative group environmentProofreadOn time delivery If you match the above criteria you can submit your proposal.

Logo + branding + landing page design | Crypto analytics

We are creating a new cryptocurrency analytics provider. We give access to multiple dashboards and APIs, related to crypto market activities.Cryptocurrency and NFTs are booming, but besides hypes its still difficult to clearly understand what's going on. Thanks to Blockchain technology, and its characteristics of openness and decentralization, we can have access easily to all datas and transactions. However, this raw data requires processing before it can be analyzed and used.That's what we are doing, we track onchain data, and provides dashboard, or APIs, with differents theme (NFTs, Defi, ...)

Branding + Logo + landing page revamp | Dance project

Hello,We are looking for a logo and branding for a dance app.This app is designated to help dancer who do battle, or show. To help them manage theirs dance sets.The UX of the app will be in 3 step.First they’ll film them at training, or import a video of their training.Then they will cut, some little move from this video, add some tags, like ‘top dance’, ‘freeze’ (for breakdancer), ‘slow motion’ etc…And last, they will have access to a video editing like screen, where they will be able to plug different moves to create their full sets.This tools is destined to pro dancer to manage all their sets or choreography.We are hiphop dancer but the app will be good for any kind of dance.So we would like a logo/branding with some kind of hiphop flavour, but not too much as well to be adopted by any kind of dancer.