WebBased CopyTrading Platform



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Password: upwork

I need a coder/programmer to take off from where my PREVIOUS coder left my left with.

This must be a binary options copy trading '' web-based '' platform taking/receiving signals from a external source (paid by myself), which needs to transferred / copied '' SMOOTHLY '' between the master account to my clients account on this SAME BROKER through  = API KEYS.

The broker offers their own API infrastructure already to make the job/task of development EASY.

For this job i would require a EXPERIENCED developer with the DERIV.COM/BINARY.COM platform already.

The signals must be taken from a third party website and taken into the MASTER as well as the SLAVE (Customers) accounts and must be 100% WEB BASED, and must work exactly like described on this project txt file in attachment here.

Inside the folder there is 2 executable  files of the bot  already CURRENT / PREVIOUS VERSION from 2019, for the purpose of serving as an EXAMPLE of the job needed and to be TRANSFORMED into a WEB-BASED application, instead of TWO DIFFERENT windows executable apps (one COPIER program and the other SIGNALS RECEIVER program with a BUILT-IN browser, to act as login and copy the signals from that signals providers website interface) so i would like ALL THIS turned into a SINGLE web-based infra-structure instead.

1) The programmer to be hired must place bid on my project only FOR THE VALUE OF BUDGET I HAVE SET of $1000 USD, DO NOT PLACE BIDS ON MY PROJECT HIGHER THAN THIS, if you not willing to work for the budget written on this project then do not place bid on my project, ok ?

2) The programmer must DELIVER THE PROJECT ON TIME, no deadline breaking and no delays will be accepted under any circunstances.

3) The developer must provide REGULAR UPDATES about the project development and it's current stages every week or every few days so that i can see how it's going.

4) At the end of the project, the system must be DELIVERED within escrow, even if  hosted ON YOUR OWN web structure at first so that i can TEST the trade copying functionalities for at last 2 days on the DEMO account before going for REAL account and launching the service, and test it between my master account and some off my customers/slave demo accounts first, so that i can see that you did a great job on translating the signals from my signals providers, into PROFITABLE trades = PROPERLY (VERY IMPORTANT) because the signals are received with a STRIKE RATE (A fixed PRICE as entry point given on every signal) so this trade orders must be executed ONLY WHEN THE STRIKE PRICE/RATE is reached OR CROSSED then (This is FUNDAMENTAL for the success of the robot, so that the results from OUR BOT can be = THE SAME RESULTS AS THE SIGNALS PROVIDERS !)

After the 2 days test is done, then i can release escrow and mark the project as COMPLETE for the both of us then.

Ok ?!

So that's it.


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