Blockchain Lottery Game


We are looking for a blockchain Lottery game , if you have already made anything similar please provide the demo.

Thank you

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Need a customized OHM fork on the Avalanche Network

Looking for a developer who understands smart contract, web development, and blockchains to create a customized fork of OlympusDAO on the Avalanche network. The requirements are as follows:Ability to make the token have a 10% buy fee and a 20% sell fee. Need to be able to put a limit of how much can be un-staked per 24 hours. Project must have a fixed APY, not fluctuating like other OHM forks.Need to be able to get it done and ready for launch within 2-3 weeksNot opposed to joining a voice call 

Interesting C++, CUDA, crypto project

I need a person who can create an application in CUDA to brute force short (64 bit) Keccak hashes.The input I is a 64-bit hash value and the output O is the value so that O = keccak64(I).There's a simple demo written in Python, and as it's expected, it works too slowly. But it's a good start point.I suspect the easiest way is to take some proper open source сtypto miner and slightly modify it.


Hi, I am a translator who works at the Luxembourg Embassy in New york, i can trasnlate all your documents in many languages.

I want a contract sniping bot that can buy BSC launches

Hi there I'm looking for a dev that can make me a bsc sniping bot that can listen for add liquidity on a launch and instantly buy within parameters set in a public launch on pancakeswap. Parameters include bnb amount, gas, slippage, etc.. I would like a user friendly interface if possible. Must be able to beat anti bot measures. Let me know if you can do that. Bot will be private and not sold or distributed in any way.This is what I'm exactly looking for:BOT FEATURE:Frontrun within the same blockSnipe launchesBuy/Sell tokenCustom slippageCustom tokenPre-approve tokenAccumulateAmount of second for an automated sell after buyGwei featureEnhanced PGA AlgorithmBypass Technology - Many Swaps and Dexes Are taking Advantage of Flashbots and Other Frontrunning Prevention Measures, I want them beaten.

voice over

I can do voice over and data encoder

Voice over

voice over filipino & taglish

NFT Whitelist

I need to get whitelist of some discord servers (i can't do all of them at the same time), and i'm looking for someone to help me. I want you to get whitelist for me.

Presentation Designer for Web3 VC firm

Hi guys! We're looking for a presentation designer for our pitch deck/VC deck. We want the deck design to reflect closely with our branding (both static + animated versions). The content of the deck will be a general overview of the company, and we'd like you to be able to tweak some words to fit the narrative we're trying to achieve. We'll give you more information regarding the inspiration & style and the initial draft of our content for you to work with. It would be ideal if you'd be able to complete the final output within 2 weeks. 

UI/UX design for single page defi dapp frontend

New dapp frontend for CZF Chrono Pools and Exotic Farms. The old dapp is here: Only the Exotic Farms and Chrono Pools will be in the new dapp.DeliverablesDelivery will be a completed Figma design. The design process should occur in at least 3 stages: wireframes, prototype, and final design. Deadline is Jan 26.The dapp is only one page and will have 3 sections and one footer.The site should have simple, unobtrusive illustrations following but not copying the concepts in the attached files.First section:1 sentence explanation: "Burn CZF and earn high yield CZF every second""Zap In XXX% APR" with zap BNB->CZF into 1 year chrono pool"Harvest All" option"Buy CZF" and CZF current price display in USD.Links to whitepaper, telegram, discord.Second section:List of all Chrono Pools, in one line list similar to pancake syrup pools, with same info/options as There should be a warning modal with confirmation for using the FastForward button.Third section:List of all Exotic farms (similar to chrono pools) with same info/options as CZodiac telegram, CZodiac telegram ann, CZodiac discord, CZodiac medium, CZodiac twitter, CZF coinmarketcap, CZF coingecko, CZF, CZF 1inch, CZF bscscan, CZodiac githubDisclaimer: "Nothing on this site or on related channels should be considered a promise by anyone, including but not limited to the developers and promoters of this site, to perform work to generate profits for anyone including but not limited to the following: the users of this site; CZodiac community members; CZF holders; or anyone using any of the sites, smart contracts, social media channels, and any other media or tech related to CZF and CZodiac or any of the community members. Czodiac, CZF,, and related technologies plus media are all experimental and must be used according to your personal financial situation and risk profile. There are no guarantees of profits, but the smart contracts are guaranteed to perform as written on the BSC blockchain." How to apply:Apply to this job and send a direct message with your portfolio of previously completed Figma designs, with a minumum of 5, and at least one of which must be a decentralized application.

Accounting Specialist

Role and ResponsibilitiesThe ideal candidate will exhibit understanding about cryptocurrency transactions, familiar with or is able to quickly learn how to use crypto tax software ( e.g.  QuickBooks online). Good customer service, a strong ability to take charge and meet tight deadlines will ensure your success in this multi-faceted role.Review client's crypto tax software account and provide review comments and suggest solution.Help clients import crypto transactions into their crypto software account.Perform account reconciliations.Identify and fix issues in client's accounts.Provide tax guidance to clients regarding different crypto transactions.Research and document tax treatments for different crypto activities .Manage your list of projects to make sure client reconciliations are completed in a timely manner.Post Journal entries into QuickBooks for both traditional and crypto transactions.Assist clients with their financial statement analysis. Qualifications and Education RequirementsBachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience in Accounting.Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.High level of skill with ExcelCan work independently and without supervision when required.Proven organizational skills and the ability to maintain precise records.