Blockchain Trading bot expert


I'm looking for a trading bot engineer.

If the project is finished successfully, we can provide more project.

It will be a long term contract.

I'm finding an Indian developer.

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Finding Rust developer( Don't pay upfront )

I have got some project in Solana.Finding Rust developer who can help.This is a long term position.Don't send me proposal if you are not senior or no experience in Cosmwasm and rust. * I don't pay upfront. *If you are interested in this position, send me your Github and Likendin profile link.If you don't have these info, it's difficult to hire you.Thank you.

Blockchain web3 developer

Looking for a Blockchain Full-stack engineer.- Svelte- Uniswap- DeFi- Smart Contract

Open position for a Senior Frontend Developer

Our developers are independent, self-organized, and agile. Despite the physical distance, you will work in close cooperation with product managers, designers, and other developers to fulfill the company‚Äôs mission of enabling our users to offer an unmatched customer service experience, every single day.¬†As a front-end developer, you will:¬†improve the overall experience of using KingCar by fixing, optimizing, and extending front-end functionality;identify areas for improvement in the codebase;coordinate on new features with the UX, back-end engineering, and product management teams;triage, label, and fix reported issues;present high-quality code to your front-end engineering manager for all assignments; andengage in a mutual learning process as you work closely with other front-end developers.In short, your work will give life to the experience of using our platform.¬†RequirementsOur must-havesexperience building user interfaces for the weba solid understanding of web architecture and browser technologies, including CSS, semantic HTML, and core JavaScript concepts (e.g., asynchronous code execution)experience with REST APIs and modern front-end frameworks (Vue, Svelte, React, Angular ...)strong written communication and argumentation skills, especially when advocating for your approach to solving a problem (e.g., algorithm design and performance considerations)high standards of quality for your own workself-confidence and strong organizational habitsexperience writing code that scales well (both in terms of performance and design)initiative and follow-through on assignments (i.e., ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt wait to be asked‚ÄĚ)a growth mindset, actively seeking new learning opportunities and sharing and receiving constructive feedback on an ongoing basis (i.e., ‚ÄúStay hungry‚ÄĚ)Our wishlistexperience with GraphQL APIsa history of contribution to open source softwarebasic knowledge of Ruby on Railsexpierence with TailwindCSSexpierence with TypeScriptShow us what you‚Äôve gotIn addition to a r√©sum√©/CV and cover letter, be sure to include the following:¬†your scars and stories from past battles on the front-end, both lost and wonthe strongest projects in your portfoliothe social and communication skills that will make you an effective addition to our remote-first teamWhat‚Äôs in it for you?Naturally, with the position comes the opportunity to 1) leave your mark on KingCar during a phase of intensive development and growth and 2) help shape our future together.¬†On top of that:As an agile, open-source company, our team is built around a flat hierarchy that gives you the latitude to pursue your own ideas.You will be part of a close-knit, international team with an uncanny sense of unity.Last but not least, you will enjoy the unbeatable freedom of remote work and flexible hours under management that does everything it can to support you in achieving your best work.¬†¬†¬†Therefore we ask you to answer the questions and try to solve the issues as follows:¬†¬†1.) Some general questions:¬†- Why did you apply to KingCar?¬†- What was the moment when you decided to start coding and what do you like about it?¬†- What was your 2021 WOW-moment?¬†- What else do you do (except IT)?¬†¬†2.) Regarding your skill and past experience:¬†- What's the coolest thing you've "built"? (If not yet mentioned above)¬†- Any other references you want to share?¬†- What are you struggling the most with?¬†- Are you more interested in becoming and expert or a generalist?¬†¬†3.) Let's get practical:¬†Please solve the coding exercises from the linked repository. Feel free to add an pull request on GitHub or a attached archive with the solution.¬†You can choose between the JavaScript or TypeScript variant:¬†¬†TypeScript:¬†JavaScript:¬†4.) Your expectations:- What do you expect from us/KingCar?¬†- What do you expect to learn?¬†- What compensation have you in mind?¬†- What else is on your mind?¬†- How would you rate our application process so far?¬†¬†Looking forward to read your reply!

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Tutorial Step by Step for Olympus DAO Fork

I need a tutorial that it shows me step by step how to fork Olympus DAO in a EVM Blockchain, like Avalanche or Polygon.Changes in the Smart Contracts for customizeChanges in the FrontEnd to update with the new Smart Contracts or Tokens (depends of the blockchain)Order and actions for initializate the Smart Contracts.The format can be PDF or video.If I agree with this documentation, i sure that i buy more fork tutorials.Please not contact if the price of your budget is more that my maximum budget. 

Fork Uniswap on evm network with minimal changes

Hi all,I would like a fork of Uniswap deployed on an evm network with minimal changes. I can provide required assets, token name, symbol and other information.Looking forward to hearing from you

Executive Assistant To CEO

Our CEO is extremely busy and needs an assistant. Someone who can do beyond just scheduling meetings and responding to emails. You have to be of the following qualities to qualify.Extremely organized***Pays attention to detailHave traveled before and understand  flights and itinerary worksHave good communication skills to hold meetings on his behalf and take notesCan keep financial recordsModular thinkerCan learn fast and make decisions on behalf of CEOWe work in crypto, therefore having prior crypto knowledge is a big plus. However, this is not a requirement as long as you are willing to learn. If you can speak other languages ie Russian, German, Ukrainian, French, etc is a big plus.  Salary: $1500 + perfomance benefits

social media promotion

Am just hearing about this freelancing platform.I need a professional digital marketer but who specialize on social media marketing,

Find a expert to develop DeFi

We need to develop the DeFi platform like KaoyaSwap( plan to complete in a month.Regards.  

PHP developer who can write the Code Analyze Report.

Hello, everyone.I am looking for the PHP developer who can write the Secure Code Review Report.I have 2 projects - CodeIgniter and Laravel.The developer has to analyze the projects and write the Code Analyze Report. I will provide the document and projects.I can give you only 1 or 2 days and pay for this.Please DM.

Crash Casino Game

I need a ready Web3 Crash(blast, rocket) casino game, Please send the game link so I can check

Flashloan crypto arbitrage bot

Can I just confirm the following So you can complete a crypto arb bot with flashloanWithSecure with password and no front runningit looks for arbitrage opportunitiesFigures out weather they are profitableBuys on 1 exchangeFlash loan used (polygon) 100millionSells on another exchangeTransfers money to my walletAcross 20+ exchanges and multiple coinsDesk top for display and changes (similar to COTPS $ Atani)Auto and manually operationSetup and installed on a server ( I need to provide)Shown how to use - maybe thru teams or something

cmc insider

I need an insider in cmc for long term cooperation

Digital artist required

Hi,I'm looking for a person who can make a digital portrait of my photos,an example of how it should look like I attach