Fix error integrating Binance wallet using web3-react


I'm the developer of a payment service that works with metamask there are two errors I'm stuck with.

First is making the app work with binance wallet and walletconnect using web3-react. I integrated web3-react and it works well with metamask. Integrated binance and wallet connect as well but when I try deposit function of the contract with binance connector (or waletconnect connector) I get the this error I cannot figure out a way to solve "Invalid parameters: must provide an Ethereum address.". Tried a lot according to stackexchange articles without success.  It is the same error for both binance and walletconnect so figuring this out will solve both.

I have to integrate these wallets so I can only pay if you can solve this error.

Other one is the withdraw function gets stuck in metamask mobile app browser. Everything works fine on desktop metamask extension. I tried to find out with mobile console addon I found, looks like something exceeds metamask browser's memory size or something. I need  to know if there is something to be to make the app work on mobile. Looks like this is an issue with metamask so if it is, I don't expect you to necessarily to solve this.

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