Game development


I want to make a luncher and a client for our Minecraft server. It will work integrate with the server we have many features and must have protection system... Thanks

Looking forward to your bid

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Hi everyone I am thinking about starting a new software that will manage overdue invoices. The principle is a cloud-based software that will be an intermediary between my invoicing software and the clients. I will inject my invoices in UBL-format and the software will do the followup and act independently and automatically to send reminders for unpaid invoices. Ultimately, this software should be able to transmit these invoices and the necessary information to a lawyer of my choice by e-mail. Therefore, the software would also need to be able to integrate an API for reading the electronic bank statements and make sense of it (I already have the API) for the bank). alternatively, I should be able to go and manually indicate which invoices are paid or not. Also, I need the software to send the invoices to the clients with a payment gateway for quick payment. There are API's that can easily do that. Ideally, the Software would also have a module for invoicing in two formats (pdf and UBL). For me, this software should be user-friendly, reliable and have an attractive user interface. Here below, you will find a link to a similar software that is already on the market. I want something similar but that will be simpler and more user friendly. Can you get back to me with a rough estimate? I am willing to answer all your questions and discuss it with you. Regards

Nft metaverse game

Needed a professional Nft metaverse game with great skilled development

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Find a expert to develop DeFi

We need to develop the DeFi platform like KaoyaSwap( plan to complete in a month.Regards.  

PHP developer who can write the Code Analyze Report.

Hello, everyone.I am looking for the PHP developer who can write the Secure Code Review Report.I have 2 projects - CodeIgniter and Laravel.The developer has to analyze the projects and write the Code Analyze Report. I will provide the document and projects.I can give you only 1 or 2 days and pay for this.Please DM.

Crash Casino Game

I need a ready Web3 Crash(blast, rocket) casino game, Please send the game link so I can check

Flashloan crypto arbitrage bot

Can I just confirm the following So you can complete a crypto arb bot with flashloanWithSecure with password and no front runningit looks for arbitrage opportunitiesFigures out weather they are profitableBuys on 1 exchangeFlash loan used (polygon) 100millionSells on another exchangeTransfers money to my walletAcross 20+ exchanges and multiple coinsDesk top for display and changes (similar to COTPS $ Atani)Auto and manually operationSetup and installed on a server ( I need to provide)Shown how to use - maybe thru teams or something

cmc insider

I need an insider in cmc for long term cooperation

Digital artist required

Hi,I'm looking for a person who can make a digital portrait of my photos,an example of how it should look like I attach

Clone website

Clone a website that a dev disappeared after being paid 100%. Website is live on his GitHub link. Images are available and all text.Basically copy as seen. With exception of media page, that content will change to a single black and white image with several black and white logos.3 days max. Must show your version of website on your server live, with slight modification to show that it is actually a developed site. Upload website to website URL after given FTP access.

Guest-post in Spanish

I am looking for someone who can guest-post our own articles in Spanish.Short term project.Posting on some Spanish news outlets (preferably in Spain)

I am looking for a customer to help me sell my ebooks

I am looking for a customer to help me sell my ebooks

Sr React/Next.js developer with Shopify App Dev experience

We are looking for a Sr Next.js developer who has rich experience in building Shopify apps.Should be expertise in Next.js, React, Node, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.It's a long-term & full-time position. Thank you. 1. Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website2. Describe your recent experience with similar projects