I will create solidity smart contract on Ethereum blockchain


I am a senior blockchain developer with background experience in solidity smart contract development carry 5 years of working experience in the field.

I will create standard token and solidity smart contract on Ethereum, Cardano and Solana Blockchain and also i can connect web3js frontend.


  • Token creation
  • Smart contract development
  • Web3js integration
  • NFT marketplace development
  • General consultation
  • Smart contract audit
  • NFT art work design
  • Solidity smart contract
  • Mint engine website development

Quality work is all what you are expected and it will be deliver to you here. So kindly message me now and lets discuss your task.

Best Regard



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Audit your smart contract for security and performance

Thanks for visiting my profile!!! I am a senior blockchain developer and solidity smart contract developer with 5 years of working experience in the criteria. Also i have some years of experience in software development and web programming. I will fix and audit your solidity smart contract for security and performance solidity. Also i will provides you with the smart contract audit report. Some of my skills as a blockchain developer;Smart contract auditSmart contract developmentToken creationSmart contract consultationFix bugs and verified your tokenNft marketplace developmentFrontend and backend developmentExchange website creationdAPP smart contract Why working with me?100% quality workEffective communicationExtra fast deliveryUnlimited revisionFuture support Feel free to message me on any solidity smart contract project and i will be glad to help you with it. Best RegardModiu_deve

Create Nft minting website, minting engine dex on solana

Are you interested in creating your own  Nft minting website, minting engine dex on solana, matic bsc, blockchain? Great You just landed on the right gig.I will Create Nft minting website, minting engine dex on solana, matic bsc, blockchain With my web development design and blockchain expertise I can provide full stack web development with any kind of custom functionalitiesWHAT I OFFERNFT MarketplaceNFT Mint EngineNFT Smart ContractWallet ConnectionNFT Minting Web-siteMint FunctionArtwork and Metadata generation from layer imagesResponsive NFT web-site design Feel free to message me with your project details and lets discuss better. Best RegardModiu_deve 

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Laravel + vue.js expert

I am looking for a laravel  and vue.js expert.I have a project built with them but I got some issues.So I need to hire one developer with high skills in Laravel and Vue.js.You must be familiar with Docker and Lando.If you are right candidate, please apply with your previous projects. Best Regards.

Need 3 html/php pages to build!

Hello there, I have the code for this pages, so i have this project already made it but i need just to change html view... need to start the project now.Is only Html/css/phpThanks

crypo customised tool .app

this is not a big app if you think big plz let me know as per my knowledge i tried to explain . i am looking for the app developer for my requried tool in andriod app . its simple ui not much functions need . try to explain . its a simple tools witch is get live price data from exchanges and send some nessaray information to other api or telegram . app is for buy and sell purpose . in the app i need buy sell options coin selection ,targets ,adjusting leverage etc . if any one can do in my budget plz let me know . thanking you have a great day ......

angular dev

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Olympus smart contract

Alaye Japa....... II want a Olympus smart Contract using solidity but deployment not including...

A Good Cryptocurrency Trader is Needed

A Good Cryptocurrency Trader is needed. Someone very Reliable and lenient. ROI (return of investment is important to me). I need someone who has a very good Experience in cryptocurrency trading and can guarantee me a good average returns. But First you need to go through my Portfolio which i will send to you before commencing project. My Portfolio will explain my former trades to you then you will have a better and clear understanding of what i need and see if you can do better.Thanks.  

Forex broker website by laravel

I need a forex broker website .Normally forex broker need to have administrator API access from metatrader server.Metatrader not provide this API access to public.There are API solution provider company and freelancer in developing community.I need broker website by following requirements.user can register , open demo, real account in trader room.( cent ,standard,ECN etc..)user can affiliate his link for marketing and get bonus from spread.user can do copy tradeuser can use metatrader web,mobile,desktop mt4/5 app.user can deposit and withdrawl by perfect money and usdt.Admin panel for adminstrative role. budget is from 1000 to 2000usd.provider need to clarify that API access has monthly fees or not. and how much?duration can be two weeks.contact me if you know well what I want .  

I can fix binance account.

Hello, everyone.Who faced the some problems on Binance?As I know, someone can't withdraw their funds on binance.I can help these problems.I only want 25% of your funds.You should tell me your binance account id.If you are interested, please contact me.Thanks.

Writing Job

I need someone who can write  content for my blog like scholarpundit.xyz effectively in a short period of time