Design a unique brand logo (+Long-Term Cooperation possible)


You are a great artist and designer? (There is possibility of long term for good work)

If you are thinking of using some premade logo templates or logo creators, you are on the wrong job and not gonna get paid.

I am looking for a talented artist, who can design a unique catchy logo for my clothing merchandise. "CryptoSwag" a clothing merchandise store.

We can talk more details after.

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Creation mail service website

Good morning,I plan to open a website selling email accounts in my domain on vps with centos 7.Registration and logging in will take place using the pgp / gpg key.I plan to create 2 subscription plans:1. E-mail2. Email, jabber, vpn, socks5.Account in the following services must be created automatically after the payment with cryptocoins.The website must have an admin panel.I am asking for serious offers from people with experience.

Create a website for our company

We are hoping to work with someone who is ready to develop a front website for our company. We have ideas, we just need someone to help us bring them to life! 

Fix error integrating Binance wallet using web3-react

I'm the developer of a payment service that works with metamask there are two errors I'm stuck with.First is making the app work with binance wallet and walletconnect using web3-react. I integrated web3-react and it works well with metamask. Integrated binance and wallet connect as well but when I try deposit function of the contract with binance connector (or waletconnect connector) I get the this error I cannot figure out a way to solve "Invalid parameters: must provide an Ethereum address.". Tried a lot according to stackexchange articles without success.  It is the same error for both binance and walletconnect so figuring this out will solve both.I have to integrate these wallets so I can only pay if you can solve this error.Other one is the withdraw function gets stuck in metamask mobile app browser. Everything works fine on desktop metamask extension. I tried to find out with mobile console addon I found, looks like something exceeds metamask browser's memory size or something. I need  to know if there is something to be to make the app work on mobile. Looks like this is an issue with metamask so if it is, I don't expect you to necessarily to solve this.

Crypto Market Making / Hummingbot Programmer

Our client is launching a new coin and the crypto exchange requires market making liquidity. We are looking for a programmer with prior experience in market making programming on Hummingbot or similar platform. Of particular interest is knowledge of market making strategies and risk management.

Crypto Grid Trading specialist

We have developed a basic crypto grid bot which we now need to improve upon. We are looking for specific Python programming assistance in modifying grid settings, maximising profitability and calculating / dashboards on profit.

[Frontend Developer] MVP for Portfolio Management App

Develop MVP for a Portfolio Management App focused for Brazilian Market based on this spreadsheets Main Portfolio Profitability Assessment Only one chartTake a look at this Competitor App to have an idea of the scope( easy sign-up) main idea is to define a weight for an asset/investiment type and the app will calculate how much should be invested in the asset farthest from the target position and reportshandling buy, sell transactions, splits and dividends reports.I need a front end developer, the back end is already in development. Frontend can be developed  with a template like this( servicesplease provide as much information as possible in the chat, linkedin profile and contact information, github profile, so i can verify you are not a scammer.

Graphics design with knowledge of occultism

Operate a number of brand, from clothing to music labels. Chosen client should be familiar with secret societies, occult teachings and symbolism, and able to integrate in a semi-subtle way. The initiated should be able recognize symbolism immediately, while the profane should appear crazy if they point this symbolism out to other profane. Let me know your occult background and show prior work please.Our requirements range from design of motives for clothing&apparel, logos, websites, SMM-optimized ads, banners, tattoos and more. The ideal candidate can demonstrate/signal that they are on the same team, is not afraid to start work on paper and then digitalize it, and will offer prices and quality with the goal of a long-term win-win relationship.

Do You Earn A Salary in Crypto? Paid Market Research

We are a FinTech company conducting consumer research to understand the needs and wants of people who earn crypto as part of their salary. You will get paid to answer some short questions on a video call with one of our team members. The entire process will take no more than 30 minutes.All data is anonymousThere are no wrong answersYou are contributing to building an amazing crypto productPlease respond to the application and we will be happy interview you and reward you for your input.Disclaimer:The interview will be recorded and kept privately so the team can revisit answers. The audio/visual content will never be shared publicly.Duration: 30 MinutesDevice Requirement: Computer/Smartphone with a cameraCriteria: You earn cryptocurrency as part of your salary & are EU/UK based Reward: $15 in USDT

Write an article of 2000-2500 words

CONTENT BRIEFSuggested Title / Topic: How to do business in crypto as a freelancer? Here are the steps, tools, benefits, and precautionary measures to consider when getting started. Purpose of the Content:Inform and educate an audience, mainly freelancers and contractors, on how to get started with accepting and making payment in crypto, what tools to consider when dealing with crypto assets, and what are the pros as well as the cons for managing crypto as a freelancer. See Target Audience below. There should be a section in the article, perhaps under tools, that explains about our product: word count: 2000-2500Keywords to consider for SEO:Crypto assets, crypto invoicing, digital currencies, digital payments, remote workRequired links, stats and references we like to use, if any: N/AContent we like to follow as examples, if any: (**but for freelancers!**)Company Overview:Request is about simplifying finance and being the voice for organizations managing crypto assets. A strong brand which stands for humbleness and powerfulness, our mission is to re-invent how we experience payments and rebuild trust in the financial industry.We inspire developers and authorities to use the Request Network protocol and build an ecosystem of financial applications together. Through our suite of financial apps dedicated to crypto-first companies, we’re building a network that connects businesses around the world and accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology for transaction requests.Website: Invoicing (our first app): Center: Strategy Goals:The goal of our Content Strategy comes in twofold: To be perceived as a thought leader in the industry of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). More than just delivering amazing products, we embody the principles of DeFi that builds trust and creates value for our community.  Focus on generating leads and user engagement by catering to the needs of existing and new users throughout their user journey, with content. Target Audience:Our target audience comprises 3 core groups. But for this article, it should be written for group 1. Freelancers/contractorsFreelancers/contractors who want to get paid in crypto i.e. business consultant, social media/marketing manager, developer/builder, etc. Crypto-first organizations (HR manager, CFO, Accountant, Head of Community, Founder, etc.) DeFi lover and crypto-curious who has never paid or been paid in crypto but interested in learning more about the benefits that blockchain technology brings to their work life.Voice, Style and Tone:Content is to be written mainly in 1st person plural (we), but can also be in 2nd person singular (you) if more suitable (i.e. for tutorials and guides).Style: Educational, inspiring, friendly but not too much, focus on community Tone: Clear, confident, respectful, inclusivePlease refer to our “Tone of Voice” PDF guideline for more details and examples.Formatting Requirements:Blog post following a guide type formatThe article should be broken down into subheadings i.e. Benefits, Steps, Tools, etc.Please refer to our “Tone of Voice” PDF guideline for more details and examples.Additional Guidelines or Resources:“Tone of Voice” PDF guideline:

Online Community manager / Brand ambassador

A unique opportunity has arisen to be a part of a new Dex exchange project. The token for the project MNWD has already been released and listed on Pancakeswap.We are seeking individuals who can help the project  gain more exposure through social media and there own personal networks.So far the project has been a great success, as more exposure is gained in the crypto space.Now the project is beginning to gain traction, with the token MNWD increasing in value 75% today alone, the developers are seeking online community managers to help increase online presence and exposure.Due to the technology behind the project,  the potential is far greater than recent success stories such as Shibu Inu, and SafeMoon. All that is now needed is for the projected to be put in the publics eye to gain more traction.Those involved in the early stages will see the highest rewards as the Token is going through a period of rapd growth as more and more of the crypto world are made aware of its long term potential.Motivated individuals are required to introduce the project and the token to individuals through various channels such as social media and word of mouth.There is opportunity for progression for the right individuals.For further details please feel free to reach out.