Python developer for AI project with frontend skills





inite - Virtual business partner and artificial intelligence assistant.

An interesting and promising project on artificial intelligence (AI, AGI), the latest technologies: GPT-3.

The opportunity to become one of the first employees of a developing company.

The current solution works in python and telegram-bot-api and contains several neural networks.


You need to move the functionality to the API:

- isolate neural network from telegram bot solution and provide access to it through the API.

Update telegram bot:

- setup up NLP/NLU for seamless interaction

- Change database engine & structure


- Registration and authorization.

- Message limit system.


We need to develop a frontend javascript part that sends requests to the API and displays them as a chat with AI.


- Sending a message.

- Feedback.

- Payment.



- Python 3.7+

- Rest API

- Flask

- Telegram-python-bot


- Postgres/Amazon RDS

- javascript

- vue / react / angular

- rest json api

- UI / UX


In the future we expect support and development of the project, hiring is possible.

On-going project.

Required Skills

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