Installation on VPS (PHP7, SGL, Elasticsearch, Redis)


Need help installing scripts on a VPS and configure PHP7, SGL, Elasticsearch, Redis.

A full description will be given to those who are interested.

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Game development

I want to make a luncher and a client for our Minecraft server. It will work integrate with the server we have many features and must have protection system... Thanks Looking forward to your bid

FAST Experienced Blockchain Front End Developer needed ASAP

Existing site is being retrofitted for a DEX launchpad - think PancakeSwap meets PinkSale. Professional design is finished, which includes pages for token swap, liquidity, farming, self-service staking/liquidity mining, token sales (launchpad), creating token sale, and creating tokens. All but one of the pages have already been built but need light updating to latest design changes and the necessary integrations to the back end contracts. The Creating Token Sale page is built but needs to be re-coded to be more efficient, plus add in a few missing elements. We have a bunch of formatting and style changes left that need to be brought up to the level of our professional Adobe XD design.We seek an EXPERIENCED, fast, FLUENT ENGLISH SPEAKING developer to collaborate quickly with in order to finish development enough and get us to audit. COMMUNICATION and PROFESSIONALISM are of the utmost importance for this position. We take this expectation VERY seriously.Please submit your github + links to previous DEX and launchpad work so we may review examples of relevant work experience. Our timeframe is ASAP - 2-4 days, tops.Here’s the link to our Adobe XD design:’s the link to our current test site: JOB DESCRIPTION HERE: note that I require an on-camera interview before hiring/starting - I'm old-school that way. If you have time, interest, and capacity to meet and then start right away, please provide your overall quote for this fixed price project.No agencies or teams - freelancers only, please. Thanks so much for your time.

play to earn game

play 2 earn is the top trend on 2022. so i need player to join this game ( since 2018 ) create an account  use RLT coin to purchase mining machine from the game play mini games and SC your profile with balance min 5 RLT.  hope you enjoy

test jobs

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Laravel + vue.js expert

I am looking for a laravel  and vue.js expert.I have a project built with them but I got some issues.So I need to hire one developer with high skills in Laravel and Vue.js.You must be familiar with Docker and Lando.If you are right candidate, please apply with your previous projects. Best Regards.

Need 3 html/php pages to build!

Hello there, I have the code for this pages, so i have this project already made it but i need just to change html view... need to start the project now.Is only Html/css/phpThanks

crypo customised tool .app

this is not a big app if you think big plz let me know as per my knowledge i tried to explain . i am looking for the app developer for my requried tool in andriod app . its simple ui not much functions need . try to explain . its a simple tools witch is get live price data from exchanges and send some nessaray information to other api or telegram . app is for buy and sell purpose . in the app i need buy sell options coin selection ,targets ,adjusting leverage etc . if any one can do in my budget plz let me know . thanking you have a great day ......

angular dev

¬†Angular - DEV Community ‚Äļ angular¬†¬†# angular. Follow. One of the world's most popular frontend JavaScript frameworks.¬†People also ask¬†What is a Angular developer?Is Angular developer a good career?What are Angular dev tools?What is the role of Angular developer?Feedback¬†Videos¬†PREVIEW¬†¬†2:02Introducing Angular DevToolsYouTube ¬∑ Angular2 minutes, 2 seconds19-May-2021PREVIEW¬†¬†2:19Angular DevTools | DemoYouTube ¬∑ Google Chrome Developers2 minutes, 19 seconds26-May-2021¬†4¬†key moments in this video¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†PREVIEW¬†¬†16:23#Angular DevTools - First Overview (Angular 12, 2021)YouTube ¬∑ Decoded Frontend16 minutes, 23 seconds25-May-2021¬†5¬†key moments in this video¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†View all¬†Angular - web.dev ‚Äļ angular¬†¬†In this collection you'll learn practical tips and tricks to make your Angular applications faster, more reliable, more accessible, and generally awesome.¬†¬†Angular - Google Developers ‚Äļ learn ‚Äļ topics ‚Äļ angular¬†¬†Angular is a framework for building user interfaces. It provides building blocks to help you quickly set up a maintainable, scalable app. Angular empowers¬†...¬†¬†inDepthDev - Community of passionate web developers¬†¬†External Configurations in Angular ... Divya D Dev ... we will take a deeper dive into each lifecycle hook and look at how they're used in Angular.¬†Community of passionate Angular engineers - inDepth.dev ‚Äļ angular¬†¬†How to eliminate duplicated code when getting route params, query params or data from Activated Route in Angular by using dependency injection.¬†Angular DevTools ‚Äļ detail ‚Äļ angular-devtools¬†¬†Angular DevTools extends Chrome DevTools adding Angular specific debugging and profiling capabilities. You can use Angular DevTools to understand the¬†...

Olympus smart contract

Alaye Japa....... II want a Olympus smart Contract using solidity but deployment not including...

A Good Cryptocurrency Trader is Needed

A Good Cryptocurrency Trader is needed. Someone very Reliable and lenient. ROI (return of investment is important to me). I need someone who has a very good Experience in cryptocurrency trading and can guarantee me a good average returns. But First you need to go through my Portfolio which i will send to you before commencing project. My Portfolio will explain my former trades to you then you will have a better and clear understanding of what i need and see if you can do better.Thanks.