Logo And Webpage graphic design


We are looking for better logo and redesign the website.

We need appealing and refreshing aesthetics of existing website.


we want only graphics and designs done. html will be handled by us.

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Voice Over professional with proof

We are looking for a professional voice-over narrator for our video campaign.The videos are short tutorials (Around 20 and 30 seconds) and We are planning to make a bunch (around 5 videos for starting).We want to pay 50 USDT through the Remitano Platform for each video recording. We would prefer to have a Female voice with a neutral or British accent, but this is not mandatory. So if You're a man with an American accent, for example, will also be accepted for submission. Feel free to write us with your SoundCloud demonstration, Portfolio, or YouTube video. 

discord token generator

If you need expert to generate token for you am available 

Marketing and promotion

I am Josh a professional digital marketer, I have been doing this for a very long time now with great results. If you need proofs of what I have done message me now to get proofs and starting making thousands of dollars as my clients.Thanks 

digital marketer

I am Johnson , a digital marketer with vast years of experience. In providing great marketing services to several individuals, business and organizations. I will always provide quality and outstanding service for you. When you work together with us, it's our goal to exceed your needs. kindly contact me. Thanks



Some one to write articles for my website

I need a writer who can work with me on long termsalso the writer should not be stricted with copywriting issues.the website https://zillionairs.comif someone can collaborate with me on universe website it would be perfect 

Need Senior Solidity Developer

We are developing big project.I am also developer, and our boss said to need one more solidity developer to finish our project asap.If you pass this test, we will hire you soon. =================================Solidity Bot - Challenge details=================================Write a contract with:+ a function A that accepts a token+ lends it out to a lending platform, like AAVE+ a function B that withdraws it and trades it on Uniswap, requiring the output is above a certain value.This contract should be used by multiple people, and any token.You can assume ETH is not used.Tests are important.=================================Solidity Bot - Related data=================================AAVE-----------------------------------------------------------https://github.com/aave/protocol-v2/blob/master/contracts/interfaces/ILendingPool.solUniSwap-----------------------------------------------------------https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-v2-periphery/blob/master/contracts/interfaces/IUniswapV2Router01.solMaking a flash loan with Solidity (Aave, Dy/Dx, Kollateral)-----------------------------------------------------------https://ethereumdev.io/making-a-flash-loan-with-solidity-aave-dy-dx-kollateral/Bot Example-----------------------------------------------------------https://ghostbin.com/qXS3M/rawFTM – Fantom Opera Chain:How to setup a Multi DEX arbitrage in Solidity and Metamask-----------------------------------------------------------https://coinmarketbag.com/ftm-fantom-opera-chain-how-to-setup-a-multi-dex-arbitrage-in-solidity-and-metamask/How to Make a Flash Loan using Aave-----------------------------------------------------------https://www.quicknode.com/guides/defi/how-to-make-a-flash-loan-using-aave

Writing or translation

I am a

win cash voucher

How to get 1BUSD cash voucher go to your account then press pay  then press send to binance user on Binance ID put : 70354905  or Pay ID : 95432614send 0.01USDT and you will receive 1 BUSD on your spot wallet. if you don't have an account create one and verify it  http://bit.ly/2ZBIdaV send me Screenshot on Dm if you finish

Pancakeswap fork

Pancakeswap fork