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free cash task

to finish this task you need to create an account : https://freecash.com/r/329c20cdaf complete your first task and earn points. then send me screenshot on DM.  other sites similaire that you need in your live. https://linktr.ee/howtoearnbitcoin  good luck 

Website design and translator and digital currency

I am skilled in designing and building a website, I am a translator in different languages I'm familiar with digital currencies

trading task

join the top exchange crypto platform in the world bit.ly/2ZBIdaVcreate an account and verify your ID. make your trade and join promotions send me Screenshot on DM with your account ID verified send message for any more Information.

I want to transfer tokens to my Wallet (BNB)

I just want to transfer tokens to my wallet.Pls help me

Fork a open source polygon project to BNB chain

There's a fully open-source project on Polygon that I want to fork both on Polygon and BNB Chain. I want the smart-contracts forked but also the user interface (React app) copied and customizable and installed on my hosted domain.Some minimal documentation/instructions should be provided by you as well to walk me through things.I will pay 750 USD for this, but if work is done properly there's a 100% chance of follow-up work (more EVM chains, customization, etc).

MERN Stack Expert -Crypto App

The Budget is a placeholder. We can discuss the actual budget at the time of discussion. Expert coder with a good knowledge of crypto, Trading bots, MERN stack is required for Frontend integration with the backend code. The backend logic is ready and requires integration with frontend. We are using React, Nodejs, MongoDb. Besides frontend integration, you'd also need to make a few frontend logic fixes as per the application requirements. Please revert only if u have very good working experience in the things mentioned above.

Need NFT minting bot on Solana

I am looking for a solana expert to develop NFT minting bot.You mush have an experience in it. On regarding the payment, I can pay you after checking your result.If you agree with my payment, please apply. Best regards

Experience LIT Maker

Ma sendi e

Are you familiar with XRP?

These are the requirements for this project:Swap on XRP Ledger-Connect wallet with Xumm app or Ledger device.-Select tokens from XRP Ledger tokens (including DBX Coin, I will send token address tomorrow).-Peer-to-peer Swap format.-Trade is executed when buy order is matched with sell order.-Trading fee (to exchange) = 0.25% Regarding the Factory and Router, I am not too sure about this. The Swap will be a copy of XRPLCoins.com/swap. If you are ready, I will share frontend, you can start right now. Note: Don't apply to this job if you are not good fit to XRP.I will ask technical XRP ledger questions to you. Regards

Need Near Protocol expert

I am looking for Near Protocol expert.If you have an experience in it, please apply with your past projects on Near.Best regards