Programers Team Full Stack for dev


Core Team of programmers

For dev an app. 

Hi my name is Juan. Im leading a project, im offer a long term job. 

Why long Term? Because we need to create, sustain and moderate the app. 

I need people with experience in big apps. Security. White Hacking. Good infraestructure and user experience. 

What we need: 

---Programm an already diagramed platform. Is based in user interaction, post, cascade and fractals systems, beauty visuals. 

We really put value in knowledge in consciousness and good internal human values. This is a international project that help humanity. (of course is payed)

-We do a meeting to discuss the procedements, languages to use, and all about the creation of this. We need to do it fast. 

We need to have this cooked in 10-15 days. So  we pay good for that. The payment is just for the creation of the platform and the host. Then we will have a contract to pay monthly to the team. 

This is big, we need good hearth people, but at the same time good hands and brain. We dont have preference of age, but we want mature brain and at least 5-7 years of experience in dev (at least the leader of the team)

We know in 6 months we broke all expectatives. So if you resonate with this. Let's put to work!

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