Smart Contract Developer ERC-1155 / ERC-721


Looking for someone with experience in smart contract development to give a presentation on writing and deploying of ERC-1155 and/or ERC-721 token standards.

Duration: 2 hours

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Write technical Whitepaper about DeFi platform

We are looking for an (experienced) writer capable of describing a DeFi platform's technicalities in a one- or two-pager.A rough outline of the structure with headlines will be provided.Please contact me through chat sharing your prior experience as a writer.

Smart Contract Developer ERC-721

Looking for someone with experience in smart contract development to write a ERC-721 smart contract code that is Ownable and has the following features:- calls mint function based on activity of another smart contract (listening, callback).- prefixed metadata attributes that are chosen randomly upon calling mint function.- royalties (see: Please contact me through the chat here :)

Guest writer on (sub-)reddit

Searching for a guest writer on reddit that would like to publish an article about cryptocurrency (blockchain and smart contracts technology) and the future of remote work (freelancing) on our subreddit. Writing about your personal experience as a freelance writer or articles such as "5 Ways to.." are gladly welcome.$120 for each article of 1500 words. Interested in a longer-term collaboration for guest writings on Reddit.Please contact me through the chat,looking forward to working with you! :)

Custom online shop that integrates crypto payment service

Set up shop-like website that allows for purchases in cryptocurrencies (ETH & BTC) using a provided endpoint to crypto payment processing service.Web-developers please DM :)

Crypto Twitter CT Influencer, Trader, Sh*tposter.

We are looking for crypto twitter accounts open for partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange.0% fee trading for personal gift codes provided to share with your followers, redeemable for crypto, e.g 100x $10.SEND ME A MESSAGE BY CLICKING ON MY PROFILE PIC

Telegram user reach (Promotion for Group and Channel Admins)

We are looking for owners and admins of finance-related Telegram groups or channels open for partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange.0% fee trading for personal gift codes provided to share with your followers, redeemable for crypto, e.g 100x $10. SEND ME A MESSAGE BY CLICKING ON MY PROFILE PIC

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Back-End Web Developer

We are looking for a back-end web developer to help with website integration, web services, and APIs. Candidates should have some or most of the following skills and experience: - Fluent in scripting languages (e.g., PHP, .Net, C#, Java, or others) - Experience with Go, Laravel, Django, Express, or other frameworks - Experience with SQL and MySQL database systems - Version control (Git) - Knowledge and experience with compliance and data security - Good problem-solving skills and analytical thinking - High attention to detail - Excellent communication - Ability to work well with a team. Send us links to samples of your work. Budget stated is the hourly rate. If you change your bid in the middle of the application process your bid will be declined.

Sell out NFT-collection

Looking for a person who can help sell out my NFT collection through marketing. We have twitter and discord already. Contact me for more info. Thank you 

Design for gaming

I will provide good & quality design.

Content Marketing, Writing, Strategy.

We are looking for someone with skills in content marketing to assist us with educating our community on our Defi products on will give you a topic on a product from our site, for instance "Stablecoin LP Farming". You will then research the topic including competitors, advantages of czodiac, stats around the growth of the market, and so forth. Then, you will write a 500-1000 word article for our medium and work with our graphic designer to create illustrations for the article. Finally, 1-3 tweets on the topic should be crafted with additional illustrations provided by the graphic designer. Please provide work samples related to your writing and content marketing skills. We will pay you $100 per topic.

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create account : now you claim ETH faucet reward ( please ETH ) send me a screenshot with username 

Developers needed for developing a wallet

We are looking for experienced developer (s) for developing a commercial crypto wallet, The Wallet Must Support These Cryptos:- Bitcoin- Ether- Bitcoin Cash- Litecoin+ People can add custom token by using contract address! Features:- Can import unlimited wallets via using private key- User can transfer the funds from all imported wallets at one time.- Must have a hard security- Must have app lock  If you think you are the right applicant then just apply for the job, Thanks

Front-end Web Developer

We are looking for a front-end web developer with an eye for both functional and aesthetic interactive website design, and experience optimizing such for mobile devices. Candidate should have the following experience/qualities: - User experience testing - Writing high-quality code - QA testing - Version control (Git) and Version testing - Cross-browser coding - Excellent problem-solving skills - Good attention to detail - Flexible approach to work - Good communication skills Send us links to your portfolio in your cover letter. The budget published is the hourly rate. for this job. If you change your bid in the middle of your application, your bid will be declined.

Senior Protocol Developer

JOB TITLE: Blockchain Expert - Senior Protocol DeveloperABOUT MELVILLE:Melville is a biodefense intelligence software company that aims to take labs and human intervention entirely from the virus and disease detection and identification process. You'll develop a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that enables clients to reveal actionable insights about high-risk contamination events in real-time, detect and prevent potential outbreaks in advance, and write code that might end up saving the lives of millions.JOB SUMMARY:The Data Scientist will be responsible for leading research activities of the company, including creating experimental designs and strategies, managing a research team, allocating resources, and presenting results.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Agentless data collection and analysis from proprietary field instrumentation and measuring devices through hardware infrastructure.Decentralized storage, access, and analysis of biological mass spectrometry data on private blockchain networks.Develop advanced NLP applications including but not limited to text mining, summarization, information retrieval & inference, answer synthesis & ranking.Explore the interoperability between trade data systems, biomedical and clinical text, sensory intelligence, and IoT.Build and optimize the unstructured data ingestion pipeline that underlies our biohazard analysis engine.Verify data quality and ensure it via cleaning.Deploy models into our production ETL and present model outcomes in a scientifically rigorous manner.KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES REQUIRED:Must have 1+ years of focused experience in Smart Contracts or Blockchain Protocol development.Must have 1+ years of experience in data science/machine learning roles.MSc or a PhD in Computational Linguistics/Cognitive Science/Bioinformatics/CS, Biology/Life Sciences.Experience in agile, highly dynamic environments is a significant plus (startups, military intelligence units, crisis management organizations).Experience leveraging cloud technologies for big data analytics and IoT (AWS, Azure).Proficient in Python with the ability to understand existing complex code.Proficient in a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow/PyTorch.Fluent scientific and professional English.BENEFITS:Location Independence: 100% distributed - work from anywhere.Mission Driven: some companies use AI to personalize ads; we use it to make communities safer, more resilient, and potentially save people's lives.Competitive Compensation: best in class medical, dental, and vision coverage.Melville advocates equal opportunity and acceptance for all. We hire humble, brilliant people from a diverse set of backgrounds and promote them for what we believe they will do and not necessarily for what they have done. Our guiding principle is simple; all ideas are equal, the best idea wins, and no idea is permanent.

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