Trading Bot Creation


Market Making / Ping Pong bot for making automated trading volume on Pancakeswap

Must be able to set:

1. number of trades

2. trade sizes

3. total gas fees per day, when the bot runs out of gas trading stops.

4. Accounts, need to imput multiple accounts that will exicute trades.

5. Trading range, the ability to add a trading range to stay between.

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Create copycat blockchain project IDO launchpad

Need to copycat IDO Launchpad with full functionality. Project for copy - need reply from you with budgets and how long time it takes to development.

Help me sell a NFT and share the income

I own a global sensation rapper & producer Busta Rhymes's very first minted NFT by the hand of the famous artist Wes Henry. Please check the link for the mentioned NFT: The price of the NFT varies from 2.5 ETH to 8 ETH thus I want to sell it for 3 ETH minimum. If you find the direct buyer and want to sell it by yourself it is okay for me. I can create the sale action for the price you want to buy from me. You can earn more ETH if you may re-sell it.Else you may want to do the sales negotiations on behalf of me. Then I'm offering to pay 50% of the sales if you are able to sell it more than 5 ETH. If you manage the buyer for the price of 3 ETH $1K is yours.I'm okay with more sales ideas if you are willing to earn at least $1K or more.Let's chat.

Full Stack Developer METAPLEX

We are launching an exciting NFT collection on the Solana Network in the coming months, and are therefore looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer to help us build our website. We will be using Metaplex and Candy Machine for the website and minting process. We will need: 1) NFT Smart Contract to be written.2) Minting of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs from graphics (will be provided).3) Smart Contract link to secondary markets (Solanart, Solsea, etc.)4) Website creation and Phantom/Sollet wallet link.5) Supervising the process and maintaining the website.6) Providing technical support during the process. You must be familiar with: - Solana, Rust and working with Metaplex.- Candy Machine Preferred Candidate: - Has experience minting NFTs and creating website for such purposes (Either Ethereum or Solana). This project is aiming to have 3 phases, which will include several NFT drops and video game development. We are looking for a savy developer with good skills and attitude to join our team for the long run.

Community Manager DISCORD/TWITTER

We are developing an NFT collection on the Solana network and are in need of a Community Manager to take on our Twitter account and Discord server. What we need:1) Experience with Community Management and Social Media Management.2) Experience managing a community on Twitter and Discord specifically.3) Knowledge on the NFT community on Twitter and Discord. We will need to see proof of past projects. Do you have a great attitude and love working in a dynamic team? Apply now!

Senior Solidity Dev - PokerDAO

Full Stack Senior Solidity Dev React Not afraid to deal to deal with complex code.. We are a non-custodial fully decentralized poker protocol that leverages optimistic roll ups - looking for a full time senior dev that can work in autonomy. Our MVP is finished but needs some tiding Optional to get allocation in tokens ahead of the launch.  

Promotional flashy video. 72 hours. Must read

This is what we require for this job:-This job needs to be completed in 72 hours. No excuses, no delays!!!-To avoid the need for revisions we need someone that can have a constant communication and show us progress in all steps of the process, that way we can provide instant feedback and avoid having to make changes later on, we don't want to waste time.-The video will last from 30 to 45 seconds-We need at least 15 revisions (if necessary)-We want almost a cinematic effect for the text and a cyber/neon/futuristic theme.The workflow we propose:-We share our idea of background, colors and animations-You show us some possible samples of it how it could look-We agree or request a different setting-We provide you the text and general guidelines-You complete the job-We start a new project with a different text and a SLIGHTLY different settingAdvantages of working with us: -We are not picky about little insignificant stuff-We release the funds immediately after we receive the files-We communicate on a daily basis-Fantastic feedback left after every job-We are needing constant jobs of all types These are some examples of what we are looking for:

NFT Dealer

Hello! This post is going to consist out of two things. One is to show what's possible, the other is to show you what's required.What's possible with this job position:-You will earn an 50% commission PER NFT (We usually price our NFTs at 1000$)-You have the freedom, you can choose any marketing strategy you want, you can cold call, use hashtag strategy anything the only thing that matters is.. Are you able to close?  -You can work as little as possible or as much as possible, up to you, the only thing that matters is that you close the deal What's required:-You need to love selling, marketing and so on-You need to be able to close deals-We charge 100$ (negotiable) to entry this job (you will get a nice NFT that you will be able to resell for 900$ - 1000$, so 800$ - 900$ profit, how amazing is that?) Also, many people ask me why I need to put 100$ dollars up front? For your business to thrive, you will need to invest in it. So focus, on your goals and don't let anyone get you off from your path to your dream. Also, commission will be paid out in crypto of course.


We are looking for a UI+UX CONSULTANT for large-scale SaaS implementations. Prove that you understand workflow and SDLC, and can write up a design plan. Prove to us that you are a leader and can implement and deliver what is stated.  Show timeframes, milestones, effort, and resources required to build a large-scale complex SaaS. List the design tools that you are proficient at, list the stacks that you have worked with (preferable GO and RUST), and begin your bid with "User" to show that you are not a bot. If you are a website developer DO NOT APPLY - this is a job for a consultant specializing in UI/UX documentation and SRS for SaaS, not development work. Marketing background preferable. Send in your resume/CV and copies of your credentials like Marketing/Psychology degree. Only shortlisted applicants will be asked for their portfolios.This is a FULL-TIME PERMANENT ROLE, NOT A TEMPORARY POSITION.  The HOURLY rate is stated in the budget. Your bid is what you will work for full-time. If you ask to increase your bid price during the interview, you will no longer be eligible to apply.

Smart Contract Needs Withdraw Function Written

We are an Ethereum NFT project that a dev bailed on and called transfer of ownership over to the community. We have a communal wallet and the transfer of ownership has been confirmed. We have had a few mints and there is eth sitting in the contract. We simply need a withdraw function written into the smart contract so mints automatically transfer from contract to our wallet whenever we have a mint -- or a withdraw function that allows us to easily pull the eth from the contract after a few mints -- whichever is easier.

Smart Contract Consulting

Hello,We are a group of retired investors. We have also invested in Crypto and now have a Banking Product we think would be great if done in the Crypto Space. We are looking for Smart Contract Consulting, do an overview of the project, provide a simple write-up on feasibility in respect to the code, see if a simple Smart Contract could be built that would provide the poorest of the poor in the world a Banking Product as well as for people living in first world countries. We are looking at SmartBCH as a platform because we need EXTREMELY low gas fees/transaction fees. SmartBCH uses Solidity and can work just like ETH's ERC-20s. Other platform suggestions are welcomed.If you can consult with us, look over the concepts that we have and are trying to accomplish (simplified project version), and tell us what can or can't be done using a Smart Contract, as well as educate us, provide simple code examples, we will pay you $400 USD in ETH or in other Crypto for consulting.Let us know. It could probably take less than a day for you.