Testing gameplay

Part time
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Remote only
Payments in crypto
Primary Role
QA Engineer
Work Experience
Less than 1 year
Annual Salary

The new Play & Earn game needs to check the load on the servers, testing the interaction between players, testing gameplay, identifying obvious bugs. Payment by the hour, an additional payment for a found bug.

Recruitment is a 50/50 split.

50% - QA Gamedev Testers

50% - regular players

What do you need to get started?

1. Know what cryptocurrency is, have experience of interaction.

2. Know exactly what NFT and Play & Earn games are.

3. Have gaming experience in Play & Earn and NFT games.

4. Love the games!

5. The operating system is Windows 8-11 only. 8 gb of RAM, at least 2 gb of video memory.

All accounts with rewards received in the game itself will remain yours until release. As a gift, you get an unlimited alpha test key before the game's release. The time spent in the game will be tracked. After each game session will need to write a bug report.

How will it all work?

1. Feedback here and a description of why you should join the test.

2. If you're right for us, we tell you all the terms and conditions and give you a license key to join the test.

3. You download the game, check its workability on your device, register and write your nickname.

4. Only then do we open the deal! Don't write if you just want the money right away, don't waste your time!

Thank you, waiting for the talent!

Web, Mobile & Software Dev
Engineering & Architecture
Blockchain & Crypto