CEO of Asquids on Crafting Memonyx & Building Netflix for Crypto Enthusiasts

CEO of Asquids on Crafting Memonyx & Building Netflix for Crypto Enthusiasts

What does Crypto and Netflix have in common?

Have you ever wished you could steer the plot of your favourite TV series? Brace yourself for Asquids, a Web3 series by Memonyx that turns viewers into storytellers and active participants. As the project’s creators refer to it, the platform is Netflix for crypto enthusiasts, with alternative storylines, interactive games, and NFT and token prizes.

Based on the famous Squid Game show, Asquids is a fan playground built for both Web2 and Web3 users to play, watch, and earn in a way that's never been done before. As the series comes out, NFTs and tokens earned playing Asquids can be used again in new seasons.

We’ve talked to Margarita Kiseleva, Acquids’ CEO, about the company’s mission, challenges, culture, and team expansion.

What inspired the creation of Memonyx, and how does it align with the vision for the future of interactive fan experiences in the crypto space?

Our co-founder, Alexander Shcherbina, and I initially had an idea to use gamification to drive engagement and optimise marketing costs. As we delved further into this idea, we realised it engaged the audience. In addition, Alexander spent the entire summer studying meme coins and noticed that many of them do not take off, so crypto investors end up losing their investments.

Based on the received insights, we decided to enrich the gamification strategy with highly engaging activities and products, such as series, games, and NFT collections, that would attract different types of crypto enthusiasts.

Can you share insights into the process of creating fan projects? How do you select the stories, and what goes into designing the interactive gameplay?

We make sure that the story, whether it's a series or a movie, is popular or about to catch on. Once we've identified the narrative that resonates, we delve into the plot creation matrix.

The core idea behind the gameplay is to recreate the feel of the original story without using any intellectual property that could be at risk in a fan remake. It's an interesting process! There's a lot to consider.

To improve the chances of attracting our target audience, the main part of crypto enthusiasts, we use a combination of engaging activities: a show, a game, and an NFT collection infused with gamification elements. This way, there's something tailored for every individual. Moreover, we strategically incorporate mentions of brands we collaborate with or plan to work with. It's about making the entire experience engaging and intriguing for our users.

How do you foster community engagement?

We position ourselves across various Web3 and gaming platforms to broaden our visibility. To spice things up, we inject engaging contests, allowing users to effortlessly explore our project through simple steps. For those who find our project intriguing, the door is open for them to subscribe, play, stay informed, and dive deeper.

Adding a personal touch, we bring in mini-games seamlessly fitting each community's vibe.

The Web2 audience is still hesitant about joining the Web3 space. How do you make sure your platform stays user-friendly and easy to use for non-crypto users?

We intentionally craft Web3 projects based on popular films and series, ensuring that the Web2 audience, familiar with the main storyline, easily grasps the concept. Playing these games is seamless for anyone, eliminating any complexities associated with Web3. Plus, they get rewarded with NFTs for their gameplay. A token bonus could spark interest for newcomers in crypto, encouraging them to explore and learn more about the space.

Could you provide a glimpse into upcoming seasonal stories?

At the moment, I can only reveal that the next season will be dedicated to The Walking Dead.

Tell a bit more about the rewards and incentives that users receive within Asquids/Memonyx?

We have two types of games. A training one, where users learn how to play, lasts for about a couple of months. The final one rewards the users who won the last round with tokens.

You can also win access to the DAO and participate in the development of Memonyx seasons: you will have the right to vote on the direction and plot twists. And it is also possible to find rare dynamic NFTs, there are only 15 of them in total.

There are several more challenge options on the platform.

Are there plans for collaborations with other projects or platforms in the crypto and entertainment spaces?

Totally. This is an excellent way to help others increase recognition and growth while getting benefits. Web3 is evolving through partnerships and mutual collaborations.

How big is your team?

Now, we’ve got six full-time team members and five freelancers, whom we engage as needed.

How would you describe the culture at Memonyx? What values are fundamental to the team and the work they do?

Honesty and sincerity are the core values. I see how rapidly Web3 is growing and evolving, yet I also witness the surge of scams and senseless projects springing up like mushrooms.

Uncertainty can be very tiring. That's why we live and work based on values and constants such as honesty, transparency, and reusability (referring to tokens and NFTs). I certainly don't want Web3 enthusiasts’ investments to go to waste. Hence, we build everything on truth, striving to convey it to the maximum on our landing page and other informational resources.

The initiative is also crucial. In startups, progress often hinges on it. If a couple of people have to push everything and everyone, where will the resources for progress come from?

As you're expanding the team, what qualities are you looking for in new team members, and how do you envision them contributing to Memonyx?

Currently, we're looking for a Community Manager/Outreacher, a skilled Copywriter, and a creative Screenwriter. We envision our team members as independent and proactive contributors, each taking ownership of their responsibilities to drive the process forward. Have questions? Ask away. Share any roadblocks with the team, and together, let's find innovative solutions.

Our Community Outreacher will play a key role in the development, growth, and overall activity of our community across platforms like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Zely. The Copywriter will craft engaging posts covering Memonyx, collaborations with partners, and exciting competitions. Meanwhile, the Screenwriter will be the creative mind behind our teasers and miniseries, unravelling ideas step by step for our videographer and editor, adding that essential touch of creativity.

How do you approach professional development and growth opportunities for your team members at Memonyx?

We encourage team development as it enables us to achieve amazing feats and enhance our product. If any of us in the team have opportunities—whether it's courses, articles, or knowledge—we share them without hesitation. If not, we help each other find information or bring in experts. Together, we're not just building a product; we're fostering an environment of continuous learning and collaboration.

What have been some challenges in developing Memonyx, and what valuable lessons have you and the team learned along the way?

Since we’re building fan meme projects based on popular stories, we must always consider the legal side of it. To respect the rights of story creators, we make the most of our characters, our ideas, and our narratives.

Beyond legal issues, the constant challenge is to get people interested and build an audience from scratch. Although it takes a while, the success of the whole project depends on this one important step.

Recognising that we cannot possibly know everything, we place immense value on partnerships and collaboration with experts. Whether through attending exhibitions, accelerators, or bootcamps, we actively seek the competencies and alliances essential for project success.

Are you a project open to collaboration? Reach out, let’s discuss partnership opportunities! Experienced community managers, copywriters, and screenwriters, we'd love to hear from you too!