Job Mining
on LaborX

Job Mining is a new feature on LaborX that provides rewards to Freelancers and Customers, paid in TIME tokens.

What is Job Mining?

Every time a Freelancer completes a Job or Gig on LaborX, they pay a platform fee.

These fees are converted to TIME tokens by purchasing them on the open market, which are then distributed between the Freelancer, Customer, and the broader community of TIME holders who have staked their tokens in the TimeWarp programme.

Since there are a limited number of TIME tokens, and no more can be created, this results in constant net demand for TIME.

The aims of Job Mining are:

      To provide a crypto ‘pension’ to LaborX users in the form of a digital asset of increasing price over the long term
      To reward users for staking their TIME
      To drive value into the broader ecosystem, for which TIME is the native asset.

What are
TIME tokens
used for?

TIME tokens can be used to access Premium Account status on LaborX, which offers a series of attractive benefits. In addition to being the currency for Job Mining payments, and one of the payment tokens supported by LaborX for Jobs and Gigs, TIME are also earned as rewards by holders who lock their tokens in the TimeWarp staking programme.

TIME can be purchased on a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including TimeX, which is part of suite of blockchain products and services.

your Job Mining

LaborX users can increase the amount of TIME they receive as Job Mining rewards by raising their tier in the Premium programme.

Premium Account status is accessed by locking TIME tokens in the TimeWarp contract. The more tokens a user locks, and the longer they commit to locking them, the higher tier they will receive.

Amount of TIME0-10TIME10-30TIME30-60TIME60-100TIME>=100TIME
Return of comission for finished Jobs/Gigs5%25%50%70%100%
Referral Bonuses50%60%70%80%90%
Visually Highlighted Provider
Priority Placement points020304060