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JS React developer to build a webclient

I'm looking for a JS React developer to build a web client.
Web3 experience is required.
We divide the application into small tasks.
You take one task at a time.
The payment is $10 per task.

create a cold staking NFT contract on Base blockchain

i need an nft staking contract that will allow users cold stake nfts to earn tokens.
Our approach is cold staking and it eliminate the need to lock the NFT.
Simply hold the NFT and claim rewards every 24 hours.

Post Video on TikTok

I am looking for someone to upload a 9 minute 230 mb video to tiktok. It shuold be someone with an IphoneThis video is a controlversial video but 100% legal video about the dangers and ill effects of the covid injection.Please contact me

Forex Trading Bot

I need an AI trading bot That analyzes the market, takes trade for users Close in profit, or stops loss.
Bot must have following functions
1.Entry Condition
2.Exit Conditions
3.Input Parameters
4.Money Managment
5.Single or Multiple Trades
6.Custom / Default mt4 mt5 Indicator Details
1. Bot should only open trade if its analysis is 80% and above accurate.
2. Bot should only open trade with 20% of total capital.
3. Bot should only take two trades in a day consecutively.
4. Bot should only x20 leverage on trades 
5. Bot should close trade once it has achieved 50% on a single trade.
6. Bot should adjust stop loss to breakeven once trade is in 30% profit.. 
7. Bot should enter a 20% stop loss on every trade.
Indicator Strategy:
Trendline on the 4-hour time frame.
Support and resistance on a daily or weekly timeframe.
Entry criteria: 
I mostly trade in the direction of the trend. So, most times I take the third touch of the trend line as a confluence. 
I also seek for fair value gaps and liquidity zones (just close to or outside the support and resistance zones) as entries..
on a break of a support and resistance zone, I wait for a retest and then find a fair value gaps there for an entry.
moving averages of 21, 50, and 200..
and ATR would do just fine

I need AI chatbot able to be trained using my own text files

I have webstie built on next.js
I need for that simple AI chatbot, that will be trained using my own files (related to website) and be able to answer questions for newcomers.
Chatbot need to be integrated with website 
Looking for your offers

Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker etc.

Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker, Digital Ocean App Platform, Semantic Versioning etc.
We are rebuilding the OpenUnited platform, please see:
The platform rebuild is going well and we want to launch the new version of the platform at later this month. Therefore we are seeking an experienced and security minded devops pro, to help us get the new production and staging environments setup, and related CI/CD pipelines and gates etc. running.
If you are the right person for this job, please 1) think about the target process described above and include your thoughts in application 2) clone and run 3) load the sample data
3) take screenshots of your browser showing that the platform is running locally including the /challenges/ url, and screenshots of the console commands you used. Please include these screenshots in your application for this job. If you do not include these screenshots with your application for this job, I will disregard your application.
Flexible hours,
Experience: Django, Python

Web developer PHP

Creating a Stock portofolio page on a PHP Laravel script where editing occurs from the admin panel, Also displaying the total amount on the top of the page in Fiat currency

I need a flutter developer for bug fix and admin panel work

Hello there. I need a flutter app developer for two projects. First a bug fix on the flutter source code and then a admin panel. Please only apply if you can fix the bug show me. I'll pay immediately. Thank

Looking for React js or Laravel developer

I am looking for web developer who has 4+ years expereince.
This project is made using wordpress.
now I am going to update it with React, Next or Laravel.

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects utilizing these technologies.If this option is of concern to you, kindly submit your proposal.

Website redesign and add new features

For the website/webapp, want to revamp the whole UX to bring more minimalistic and attractive UI. Also want to add new features. The details can be found below.
** Please note that this is not the exhaustive list and there may be new features required in develpoment.
Redesign of Xto8 –
- More lean and modern UI
- Get rid of Top trending and featured and simply have them listed in vertical fashion
- Featured blogs on top.
- Facility to upload a video for idea.
- Smaller banner which can be customized
- Left menu should have the following –
o Idea Categories
o Your startup guide
o Become a mentor
o Invest in ideas
o Register as an expert
o Link your professional profile
 LinkedIn
 Upwork
 Fiver
 Freelancer
- Feature to share idea on Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram.
- Feature to have minimum number of likes and votes defined to move the idea to the next stage.

Need Frontend and Web3 Developer

This is Exome Group.
We are looking for Frontend experts with Web3 experience.
We need to upgrade the old Sheep Game website and deploy smart contracts to polygons.
Our previous developer is not available now so he can't upgrade anymore.
We will share our private repo of frontend and you should check websites.
And then send estimate for this project.