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I manage a startup, called Cooker, which wants to create a profiling algorithm that can personalize the user's experience by placing the items according to their preferences. The startup is in the birth phase and we are in the startup incubator in Turin, the largest in Europe. I'm looking for a person willing to become a partner in the company that will be created. In June Cooker will participate in a startup competition where you can win up to 10K.


We need a desirable team member who possesses adaptive, proactive, persistent dependable & loyal character attributes that is always willing to go for to extra effort to accomplish and DELIVER. Doing the right thing the right way the first time. As we shape our business, we want for each team member to be both very accurate and precise in everything that they say and do.Do you possess what it takes?
Job Description
We are looking for a FULL-TIME FRONT-END Developer with an eye for fine details for both FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC interactive website design. We require someone with good experience optimising such for both Desktop & Mobile devices, as we are a SaaS application development company, so require exceptional ability, ambition & skillsets. Join us and you will be part of a dedicated and loyal team with modern dev architecture, and have the chance to shape our business and culture long term.
This is a FULL-TIME, fully-remote contractor position.
40 Working hours/week between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday in your Timezone
Only INDIVIDUAL applicants needed.
All applicants will be required for a video interview.
Use the phrase ‘absolute perfection required’ in your application 
All applicants must submit a complete portfolio, source code examples
Provide ALL Social Media links, eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
Undergo a full background/ Security Clearance & Police Check.
To your cover letter, please answer the following:
Identify only “one skill” as an effective front-end developer.
What does security and confidentiality means to you?
What does "clean code" means to you?
To consider you as one of the short-listed candidates, you should COMPLETE the above requirements in the next 24 to 48 hours, please send in your application with your CV, portfolio, and hourly/week rate in USD to careers@everyware.technology
For interested bidders: Please send us your CV/Resume and portfolio or attach the link of the required documents to your bid. Please be mindful of your bid as we consider your bid as an actual FINAL bid. Any change of bid during the the interview process WILL lead to automatic revocation of any offer, and termination of interview.

Polygon Smart Contract implementation and Website Repair

Need to repair a website that has been partially completed by another web design provider who has scammed me.The project has been underway for over a year and the project is not complete.I need someone who actually has talent and can complete the repair of the work in an efficient manner with true ability. Need to:
1.Create a smart contract using polygon and connect that to the website, the smart contract will be sent to my wallet after testing.The smart contract functionality is designed to eliminate the cripto wallet on the site.We have an advertising package and tip function where the user will buy banner ads or send tips to the users and our 5% is taken out from this polygon payment.Everything is run on polygon.Our website charges 5% and the other 95% goes to the user. The person sends the payment and the smart contract fractures the amount sending the correct amount to the user. For example someone sends .1 polygon as a tip, the smart contract need to receive that .1 and send two payments after, the .095 goes to the client and the.005 goes tour the owners of the website. The same for when a banner ad package is purchased and the payment is sent, it is fractured by the smart contract. 
2. Do multiple changes to the websites text and usability functions that do not work now like the reset password by email will not work. 
3. edit and make working the banner ad and tip functionality and test it to show it is actually working! 
Please contact me to learn more about the project and the domain name
Thank you

Web Developer

Job Description:
We are looking for a talented web developer to join our dynamic team and work on an exciting project. As a full-stack web developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing modern and intuitive web applications that meet the needs of our users. We believe that our project has enormous potential to change the way people interact with our industry, and we need a talented web developer to help us achieve our ambitious goals.
⦁ Design and develop modern and intuitive web applications.
⦁ Work closely with team members to understand user needs and provide innovative solutions.
⦁ Evaluate application security and ensure that solutions are resistant to potential attacks.
⦁ Perform testing and quality checks to ensure that applications are reliable and performant.
⦁ In-depth knowledge of several programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.
⦁ Work experience with frameworks such as React, Angular, Django, Rails, etc.
⦁ Understanding of fundamental principles of web security.
⦁ Passion for modern web technologies and innovation.
⦁ Compensation for this position will be in tokens of our company.
⦁ You will have the opportunity to work on a revolutionary project with enormous potential for growth and success.
If you are ready to take on the challenge of changing the world of cryptocurrency, please send your CV to [contact email address].
Note: Our company is about to launch the pre-seed sale and we will offer token-based compensation for employees who believe in our project and are willing to take risks for a potentially high return on your time's investment. We are aware that this job offer is not for everyone, but if you are a passionate and ambitious Web Developer, we would love to hear from you.

Sandwich Bot

I need a sandwich bot for the BSC network with a smart contract that does the heavy lifting for the trades.I would much rather buy one that have one developed. Only respond if you have a sandwich bot ready to go and please enclose some screenshots of your bot for me.Thanks.Budget entirely depends on whether you have the right solution.

нужен рускоговорящий беб разрабочик на постоянной основе

Зарплата 3000$ в месяц. Работа на удаленном компютере, график работы гибкий. Когда появляется работа нужно работать.. когда ее нету можно заняться своими делами. Знания Java, PHP, HTML

Golang developer

Utorg is a fintech company holding VASP licenses and operating in 187 countries. We build digital products at the intersection of DeFi and TradFi, leveraging the world's cutting-edge technology.
Our core product is a top-notch fiat-to-crypto gateway with a B2B distribution model. So far, industry-leading companies - Near, OKX, zkSync, Gnosis, Wirex, and many others, use our product.
Today, we are at the final stage of building our second product (D2C), which will bring the concept of storing and spending cryptocurrency to the next level.
About the offer:
Utorg is growing incredibly fast, so building an A-star team is crucial for us. This offer is an excellent opportunity to quickly advance your career while having an outsized impact on our success as we aggressively scale in the next months. And now, we are looking for an experienced Golang Developer who will strengthen our team and contribute to the success of our products and the bright future of Web3.
What you are expected to do:
Design and build parts of a back-end trading system for crypto (Go);
Own the development process for these solutions as well as testing and rollout strategies, track all progress with different risks;
Work closely with React frontend developers to present trading system features;
Research and simulate trading strategies for users who plan to invest (Go and Python);
ETL crypto market data for historical analysis and statistics;
Use Redis+Postgresql for storing accounting, analytics and other trading related data;
Work on increasing the code testability and enforce the quality in our code.
The Skills and Experience You Bring:
Excellent knowledge of the Golang and Python languages;
Good knowledge of JS, React, Typescript;
Experience in Redis, PostgreSQL;
Experience with bash, Docker;
Good understanding of CEX/DEX;
Experience with blockchain;
English proficiency of at least C1.
Why join us?
As a promising and ambitious team, we are flexible and open to new ideas. We are not a corporation, so everyone can influence the project. Our culture is based on empathy, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking. We are looking for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds.
Being a part of the team means:
Millions of people across the world will see the results of your work;
You will engage with world-leading companies;
Budget for professional development (training programs of your choice);
Flexible working hours;
We are fully remote;
Paid vacation and sick leave;
Frequent bonuses for good performance.
Our stack in other directions:
Java with SpringBoot;
Nodejs with Nest.js;
React+Redux and React.Native;

Figma to HTML Conversion for a Single Pager Website

Project Overview:
We need to convert a Figma design document into an HTML site. The website will be a comic-style single pager with 5-6 slides with a header and footer. The site will have music playing in the background and require scroll-based CSS animations that trigger parallax and transitions on scroll.
Figma to HTML Conversion: The developer will convert the Figma design document into clean, responsive HTML code. All the assets required for the website will be available in the Figma file, and the developer will have to extract them and use them in the HTML code.
Music in the Background: The website will have music playing in the background. The developer will use appropriate HTML tags to embed the audio file and ensure that the music plays smoothly across different devices and browsers.
Scroll-Based Animations: The website will require scroll-based CSS animations that trigger parallax and transitions on scroll. The developer will write custom CSS code to achieve these effects and ensure that they work smoothly on different devices and browsers.
Clean HTML Code: The developer will write clean HTML code that adheres to best practices and follows web standards. The code will be optimized for speed and performance.
Third-Party Libraries: The developer will use only necessary third-party libraries and avoid bloating the website with unnecessary dependencies. The libraries used should be lightweight and optimized for speed.
Web3 Technology: Although this version of the website does not require any complex functionality, experience with web3 technology is a plus, as future iterations of the site will incorporate it.
Clean, responsive HTML code that accurately represents the Figma design document.
Custom CSS code for scroll-based animations that trigger parallax and transitions on scroll.
Embedded audio file that plays smoothly across different devices and browsers.
Only necessary third-party libraries are used.
Website optimised for speed and performance.
Source code and all assets used in the development of the website.
The developer should be able to complete the project within two weeks of receiving the Figma design document.
The developer will be expected to communicate regularly with the project manager to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly. The project manager will be available to answer any questions and provide feedback throughout the development process.

I need crypto landing page developer

how are you
I need talent developer who has rich experience with crypto landing page.
banned: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria developers

Vue.Js Developer with Web3 and Crypto Wallet Experience

Looking for an expert Vue.js developer with experience web3 and building crypto wallets and fintech apps

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram
API website 
Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter 
Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter
Like, comment, story link > Instagram
Similar to AirDrop BOT

Need a Dune expert

Need several queries for a custom contract on Goerli network.
Contract is already approved.
There will be more work to create a wizard & dashboard.