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Solana NFT minting contract with customer token

I'm looking for an experienced web3 app developer. We need to implement a custom nft minting contract : minted with multiple tokens art generation based on token and amount of tokens base art change Solana...

GSAP Animation - HTML Page

I need to make an html page, with scroll animations using gsap. 1. when screen loads, displays a blank page 2. then on scroll one image appears from bottom of the screen, center aligned, 30%...

File Recovery from a formatted hard disk

The project involves recovering jpeg, txt, zip files and previously installed software from a formatted hard disk over 5 years ago. The scan is to be performed in a specified location with a high success...

Sniper bot

Hello I need Solana sniper bot so I can be faster than everyone else And can I test the bot beforehand or something similar?

Follow custom api requests to a locally created database

The project involves following custom api requests from a locally hosted databases to its source within the device with the aim of recovering files from hidden folders. These api requests are being generated locally from...

Adult date app YS.LT design update

Adult date app YS.LT design update. Logo - yellow, Blue Sceenshot Promo design Attached older icons, screens. Please review and waiting for comments

Solana Blockchain Developer for High-Frequency Trading Bot

Seeking an experienced developer proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript and Rust, with familiarity in Solana blockchain development. The role involves building a high-frequency trading bot on the Solana blockchain. Candidates should have prior experience with trading bots,...

Develop a strategy optimizer for ATAS

I'm seeking a developer to create a strategy optimizer for the ATAS trading platform, mirroring the functionality of an existing Google Chrome addon that operates with TradingView ( The optimizer must be capable of backtesting...

Running a React Native project on MacOS

We have built a React Native project and it is working well on Android devices. We are going to run this on MacOS but it has some environment issues. We want to get help from...

Web3 Hackathon

I need help in one of the biggest Hackathon to get the best possible rank among competitors. 

bundle tx snipe

script to bundle tx snipe my own spl token using raydium 

Looking for Express.js Developer

I need an API to fetch ElonMusk's recent tweets. You may need to use the Twitter v2 API to do this.