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Freelance Custom Trading Indicator Developer

We are seeking an experienced freelance developer to create a custom trading indicator for our platform. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a unique indicator based on specific requirements outlined in a detailed...

Solana sniper

Job Posting: Seeking a skilled developer to create a trading bot with the following features: 1. Scan feature: Ability to scan for new liquidity pools, sourced either from Raydium or a specified Telegram group. 2....

deploy this telegram bot on Eth mainnet and some l2

The bot will be deployed on etherum but the product will be available on L2s like scroll, linear and base.

Trading Bot

Your primary focus will be to identify and capture profitable arbitrage opportunity by monitoring blockchain transactions and executing trades in real-time

create an nft mining website

i need a developer who can help me with my project send me your offers and i will get back to for moreinfo about my project!!!

Freelance HFT Bot Developer

Seeking an experienced freelance developer skilled in high-frequency trading (HFT) and building trading bots. Develop and optimize an HFT bot for individual trading accounts, capable of executing thousands of orders within a second. Collaborate with...

Fullstack developers for a solidity-based protocol

For an upcoming dApp, we are looking for contract-based developers to assist with accelerating our roadmap. This includes: React web3.js integrations subgraphs smart contract auditing If you have previously worked on a dApp in production...

tradovate trading bot

I NEED A PROFESSIONAL IN TRADING BOT DEVELOPMENT THAT CAN DEVELOP A TRADING BOT WITH THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS 1. 2 Exponential moving averages Set one to 21 The second to 200 2. Immediately 21 goes...

MERN Stack Expert -Crypto App

The Budget is a placeholder. We can discuss the actual budget at the time of discussion. Expert coder with a good knowledge of crypto, Trading bots, MERN stack is required for Frontend integration with the...

Create NFT instantly and sell for $3000

Create NFTs instantly and sell for $3000 solana Create and sell NFTs instantly

Flash loan/ Arbitrage bot

I am looking for an experienced blockchain developer to create a flash loan that can be used on the majority of the decentralised exchanges to maximise my reach and opportunity with arbitrage trading. The flash...

Flashloan bot

I am going to build flashloan bot. If you have experiences or previous works, please bid with them.