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JS React developer to build a webclient

I'm looking for a JS React developer to build a web client.
Web3 experience is required.
We divide the application into small tasks.
You take one task at a time.
The payment is $10 per task.

create a cold staking NFT contract on Base blockchain

i need an nft staking contract that will allow users cold stake nfts to earn tokens.
Our approach is cold staking and it eliminate the need to lock the NFT.
Simply hold the NFT and claim rewards every 24 hours.

Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker etc.

Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker, Digital Ocean App Platform, Semantic Versioning etc.
We are rebuilding the OpenUnited platform, please see:
The platform rebuild is going well and we want to launch the new version of the platform at later this month. Therefore we are seeking an experienced and security minded devops pro, to help us get the new production and staging environments setup, and related CI/CD pipelines and gates etc. running.
If you are the right person for this job, please 1) think about the target process described above and include your thoughts in application 2) clone and run 3) load the sample data
3) take screenshots of your browser showing that the platform is running locally including the /challenges/ url, and screenshots of the console commands you used. Please include these screenshots in your application for this job. If you do not include these screenshots with your application for this job, I will disregard your application.
Flexible hours,
Experience: Django, Python

Web developer PHP

Creating a Stock portofolio page on a PHP Laravel script where editing occurs from the admin panel, Also displaying the total amount on the top of the page in Fiat currency

Website redesign and add new features

For the website/webapp, want to revamp the whole UX to bring more minimalistic and attractive UI. Also want to add new features. The details can be found below.
** Please note that this is not the exhaustive list and there may be new features required in develpoment.
Redesign of Xto8 –
- More lean and modern UI
- Get rid of Top trending and featured and simply have them listed in vertical fashion
- Featured blogs on top.
- Facility to upload a video for idea.
- Smaller banner which can be customized
- Left menu should have the following –
o Idea Categories
o Your startup guide
o Become a mentor
o Invest in ideas
o Register as an expert
o Link your professional profile
 LinkedIn
 Upwork
 Fiver
 Freelancer
- Feature to share idea on Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram.
- Feature to have minimum number of likes and votes defined to move the idea to the next stage.

WooCommerce expert developer to develop an affiliate plugin

I'm looking for a WooCommerce expert developer to create an affiliate plugin. The plugin requirements is attached.
Please go through the requirements and let me know if you have any questions.

Dapp app for automatically token add to wallet

I need a dapp website which can automatically added the token to wallets with decimals. Listed wallets are trustwallet, exodus, ledger nanos, tokenpocket many more.

Mobile App Developer, Software Developer And Game Developer

am looking for a mobile app and software developer or a team who dives into details of my project and who can recommend various solutions based on large experience in Business Applications development you are at the right place. kindly reach out to me for better and further discussion regarding my project.

MERN stack developer

Hello, We are cloning the "for business" part of Frontend and Backend are almost completed and candidate should integrate both.
Frontend is built by React.js and Backend is built by Node.js and MongoDB.
I will provide source code.
If you are interested in this project, please bid.
Thank you and regards.
Mykhailo Savchuk.

We need pro developers

We are looking for skilled and experienced developers proficient in Java, Node, and other related technologies to join our team. As a developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing software solutions to meet the needs of our clients. 
The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of Java and Node, with a proven track record of successfully delivering software projects. In addition, experience with other related technologies such as JavaScript, React, Angular, and SQL will be a plus. 
We value collaboration, innovation, and excellence in our team. As such, we require developers who are passionate about their work, and able to work collaboratively in a team environment. Additionally, the ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and programming languages quickly is essential. 
Please note that we pay after service. This means that payment will be made upon completion of each project or milestone. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience and expertise in Java, Node, and related technologies.


Job Description
We are looking for a FULL-TIME FRONT-END Developer with an eye for fine details for both FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC interactive website design. We require someone with good experience optimising such for both Desktop & Mobile devices, as we are a SaaS application development company, so require exceptional ability, ambition & skillsets. Join us and you will be part of a dedicated and loyal team with modern dev architecture, and have the chance to shape our business and culture long term.
Basic Skills 
Excellent problem-solving skills
Exceptional attention to finest pixel detail
Flexible approach to task-driven deliverables
Good English grammar and communication skills
The successful candidate will:
Build completely custom websites - strictly no off-the-shelf CMS, or themes or templates
Work with JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, NodeJS, etc.).
Begin your application with the words "Front-End".
Having clean code skill, debugging skills and fixing bug on test environment
Experience in responsive designing
Maintain high quality inline documentation
Experience with testing and cross-browser compatibility tools
Promptly meet deadlines and milestones, and be available for ad-hoc meetings during work times throughout the week
Only applicants who provide examples of their work will be considered for this role
Provide proof that the examples supplied were written by the applicant and was responsible for the development
Provide documented source code examples of projects in Github
This is a FULL-TIME, fully-remote contractor position.
40 Working hours/week between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday in your Timezone
Only INDIVIDUAL applicants needed.
All applicants will be required for a video interview.
Use the phrase ‘absolute perfection required’ in your application 
All applicants must submit a complete portfolio & source code examples
Provide ALL Social Media links, eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
Undergo a full background/ Security Clearance & Police Check.
Your cover letter should include answers the the above and following:
What does security and confidentiality means to you?
Explain "Clean code" means to you?
Comment on NodeJSversus PHP.
Do you use any tools or extensions for supporting code development, what are they?
What is your best practice to collaborate with UI/UX designers for releasing features quickly?
To consider you as one of the short-listed candidates, you should COMPLETE the above requirements, please send your answers in your Cover Letter including your CV, portfolio, and hourly/week rate in USD.
For interested bidders: Please send us your CV/Resume and portfolio or attach the link of the required documents to your bid. Please be mindful of your bid as we consider your bid as an actual FINAL bid. Any change of bid during an interview process WILL lead to automatic termination of interview.

Looking for a Blockchain game developer

Looking for someone who can help us with ideas to build a game for our project, please let me know if you have any games that you can build that would suit an "AI" style game. Let me know budget and time frame for something like this to be built. Example are, a prediction on the current market for example, or a mini game like flappy bird or as large as a PvP style game.