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I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.

I need a graphic expert who can edit many photos

Hi everyone, I have 20 photographs and want to edit professionally like changing background, improve quality, etc.
Feel free to contact me.

Looking for a designer.

Hi we are looking for a full time freelancer for long term graphics designing work .
Please apply only if you have brochures experience and samples in your profile or which you can submit.
And you have to be able to work in USA and it would be perfect you are a US citizen.

Photography Improving

Hi, I have many photos to be edited.
Photos need to be looked beautifully and professionally.
Who can?

Creating a magazine cover

A person is required who is able to create a cover for a magazine about finance.
For details, write in private messages.

WordPress Designer

I am looking for a WP designer to work on a currency conversion website, which enables transactions.
For more information - DM

Design for dApp

Looking for a dApp designers for web3 project. Project is about social network in blockchain.
Base design has been created, now we're looking for someone who can design all other pages corresponds to what we have right now.
Price is negotiable. Apply for this job with your portfolio.

Interior Design

i will do interior designing per area.
example room, kitchen, work space, balcony, powder room etc

NFT art

I want to hire a designer who can work with me for a long time.
My project is urgent so I need fast work and a good man with my time.
I live in Canada so it will be comfortable for who can work in my timezone.
I am gonna make 10k NFTs so I need 8-10 layers and 100-200 element imgs.
If you have rich experience with auto art generation, it will be helpful.
If you are free and can do my work in 7 days, please contact me.
If you show good skills, then I will hire you as my company designer.
I will pay via here and won't pay upfront.
Only after checking your work, I will pay.

3D NFT Artist

Hello! Looking to find a really good 3D NFT Artist for an upcoming 7,777 collection. We need someone who works fast and produces high quality ---- we will be best friends! Budget is dependable on work quality and speed, we are also willing to give a percentage of mint. Please apply with your best 3D cartoon or realistic NFT work!


We are an online betting software company. All sports, including cyberdisciplines Dota 2, CS:GO, LOL, FIFA and others.
At the moment, we are focused on the development and improvement of software, as well as on the development of a universal NFT marketplace, to unify our users by purchasing personal characters or avatars of NFT, which will allow each user to have their own unique style that distinguishes them from other users of the system. In this regard, we are looking for digital specialists engaged in the development of NFT, or having experience in 3D modeling, professional illustration, pixel art, animation and video editing. The goal is to create an NFT database in the amount of 5000 unique and 5000 recurring, with 1000 instances each.
Therefore, if you have the necessary skills to work with programs that allow us to create the images, videos, models we need - contact us for further discussion of tasks and interviews.
Desired skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya or other programs for working with the formats of works we need

background removal

remove background
change background
photo editing