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Stocks trading platform

I am in need for a webtrading script, example is
margin trading and being able to add different assets, oders should not be filled from own orderbook but executed based on api directly

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram
API website 
Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter 
Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter
Like, comment, story link > Instagram

Penny Auction Website Development

We are looking for a skilled and experienced developer to help us create a penny auction platform from scratch. The platform will include features such as regular penny auctions, sit 'n' bid, reverse auctions, reveal auctions, locked auctions, double win auctions, bid pack auctions, 100% off auctions, bid for free auctions and ticket auctions.
The developer should have experience in handling huge user loads and ensuring the platform is fully scalable and will not crash due to server bottlenecking. The script must be written in an open source language and the developer should have a plan to not allow SQL databases to become overcrowded.
Additional features that will be included in the platform are a buy it now option, a buy it now store, a ticker in the admin panel, a chat box, chat support, an autobidder, coupons and promotional offers, a built-in refund system, local payment solutions, a shopping cart, a wishlist, and integration with Facebook and Twitter.
The developer should also have experience in creating a user-friendly design that includes a logo insertion and complete control over template design, as well as the ability to upload video testimonials.
The admin panel will control all aspects of the site and will be fully customizable. The user account should allow users to see bids purchased, free bids, won auctions, auctions participated in, and view win limits.
Content Management System should include Terms & Conditions, About Us, Contact, Privacy, Jobs, Add Help Topic, Manage Help Topic, Add FAQ, Manage FAQ, Add News, Manage News, Add Testimonial, Remove Testimonial
Our budget is fixed and we cannot negotiate, so please only apply if you have relevant experience and can work within our budget.
In your application, please answer the question 1+1=?

Software development

Needed a referral sofrware developer with more than 3 years expirience

tradovate trading bot

1. 2 Exponential moving averages
Set one to 21
The second to 200
2. Immediately 21 goes above 200, the bot should buy stop limit should be 10points below
3. Immediately 21 goes below 200, the bot should short
Stop limit should be 10 points above the buying limit point
 Immediately after both buys and sells the stop loss should be moving with each successive candles. If a new candle forms the stop loss should move to 10 points below the previous candle, if a new one forms again the stop limit moves to 10 points below that candle for the next one to form after that 10 points below that candle for the next one to form after that 10 points below that candle for another to form. Like that like that like that
 And this the bot function

Forex ea i

I'dneed an expert Forex bot developer for my ea 
Note I have already hired someone before, just wasted my time I would like to hear everything from you before proceed

Need a Crypto Wallets Tracker bot like etherdrops

Hi Dev,
I am looking for a developer who can create a crypto wallet tracker bot like “EtherDROPS_bot”.
The telegram bot (Channel/Group) should track both sent and received live transactions for a list of wallet addresses (100+) in Polygon network (data to be fetch only using web3) and post it in telegram channel or group. I/Admim should able to add/delete/edit the wallet address using this bot. Admin should able to add a nickname to the wallet. It should be unique name per wallet address. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Arbitrage Bot

Alaye Ori e fe buru, 
I am interesting in crypto arbitrage Bot that i will be able to access in all DEX and Coins


 Looking for prediction bot

Write Predition Bot Algorithm of crash in BC.GAME
I am finding a talented guy who can bring me fantastic prediction of crash game.
If you can, don't hesitate to reach me.

Python-Entwickler - API Integrationen

Ich suche eine einen zuverlässigen Programmierer, der für mich APIs integriert.
Bitte schreibe mir dein Telegram Benutzername, damit wir besser kommunizieren können.
Im Kopf deiner Anfrage muss die geschrieben sein, wer Event 201 finanziert hat.
Ich freue mich auf eine feste Zusammenarbeit.

Python Ausshilfe

Suche Pythonaushilfe, die kleine Python-Arbeiten für mich erledigt.
Es wäre gut wenn Du Erfahrungen mit PHP hast.