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Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker etc.

Django DevOps Pro - CI/CD, Docker, Digital Ocean App Platform, Semantic Versioning etc.
We are rebuilding the OpenUnited platform, please see:
The platform rebuild is going well and we want to launch the new version of the platform at later this month. Therefore we are seeking an experienced and security minded devops pro, to help us get the new production and staging environments setup, and related CI/CD pipelines and gates etc. running.
If you are the right person for this job, please 1) think about the target process described above and include your thoughts in application 2) clone and run 3) load the sample data
3) take screenshots of your browser showing that the platform is running locally including the /challenges/ url, and screenshots of the console commands you used. Please include these screenshots in your application for this job. If you do not include these screenshots with your application for this job, I will disregard your application.
Flexible hours,
Experience: Django, Python

Crypto Arbitrage HFT Bot

Hi Dev,
Subject: Crypto Arbitrage High Frequency Trading Bot 
I am looking for a crypto arbitrage trading (HFT) bot with simple dashboard for CEX which gives daily percentage of 3% - 7% or even more with 0% risk.
I have researched and found below strategies, kindly check and let me know if this is okay or suggest me the best strategies if you can.
● Market Making
● Cross Market
● Triangular and Latency Arbitrage
Also, let me know if it is good idea to make use of hummingbot open source code for this project.
Please let me know.
Thank You!

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects utilizing these technologies.If this option is of concern to you, kindly submit your proposal.

Sandwich bot

Want to improve sandwich bot code and add uncle bandit attack protection and integrate bloxroute gateway so can easy connect with node and run smooth 

ReactJS Developer with experience in Django

We are looking for an experienced ReactJS developer who can help us understand the code of an open-source Web Application that uses Python in the backend.
We need consultation in understanding the code structure and some tutorials on how to extend the application.
Please have a look at the repo, if you feel that you have understood how the project is developed and works.
If you invested some time to understand the codebase, we would definitely be willing to work to collaborate with you throughout the project.
Looking forward.

create an nft mining website

i need a developer who can help me with my project send me your offers and i will get back to for moreinfo about my project!!!

Mobile App Developer, Software Developer And Game Developer

am looking for a mobile app and software developer or a team who dives into details of my project and who can recommend various solutions based on large experience in Business Applications development you are at the right place. kindly reach out to me for better and further discussion regarding my project.

Senior React + Python Developer

I am looking for senior Python & React Ecommerce developer for my ecommerce start up project.
Once I get good job, I will go forward with many features for the next.

We need pro developers

We are looking for skilled and experienced developers proficient in Java, Node, and other related technologies to join our team. As a developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing software solutions to meet the needs of our clients. 
The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of Java and Node, with a proven track record of successfully delivering software projects. In addition, experience with other related technologies such as JavaScript, React, Angular, and SQL will be a plus. 
We value collaboration, innovation, and excellence in our team. As such, we require developers who are passionate about their work, and able to work collaboratively in a team environment. Additionally, the ability to learn and adapt to new technologies and programming languages quickly is essential. 
Please note that we pay after service. This means that payment will be made upon completion of each project or milestone. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience and expertise in Java, Node, and related technologies.

Real-Time Data Visualization Dashboard Development

We're seeking a skilled and enthusiastic freelancer with a strong background in data processing and visualization to develop a high-performance, real-time data visualization dashboard for our dynamic organization. This project is all about efficiently processing large volumes of data from diverse sources and delivering rapid insights to support our team's decision-making process.
Key responsibilities:
Collaborate closely with our team to comprehend project requirements and data sources
Design and implement a performance-oriented dashboard that focuses on processing and visualizing data from uncommon and unformatted sources with minimal latency
Develop custom parsers and data processing techniques to handle non-standard data formats and unstructured data effectively
Apply advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze and process large data sets efficiently
Implement smart caching, data optimization strategies, and parallel processing techniques to reduce latency and improve performance
Rigorously test the dashboard for functionality, performance, and compatibility across various platforms
Provide clear documentation and training materials, enabling our team to maintain and update the dashboard as required
Required skills and experience:
Proven experience in developing high-performance, real-time data visualization dashboards, preferably with a focus on handling uncommon and unformatted data
Strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or Julia
Experience working with custom data parsers and handling non-standard data formats or unstructured data
Proven track record of optimizing dashboard performance and reducing latency
Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
Strong communication skills and a collaborative, personable approach to working with a team
(Optional) Demonstrated ability to apply advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze large data sets
If you have a passion for working with diverse data sources and a track record of creating high-performance, real-time dashboards, we'd love to connect with you. Please submit your proposal, including relevant portfolio samples, and let's work together to create a dashboard that delivers rapid, data-driven insights to our team!

Polygon Smart Contract implementation and Website Repair

Need to repair a website that has been partially completed by another web design provider who has scammed me.The project has been underway for over a year and the project is not complete.I need someone who actually has talent and can complete the repair of the work in an efficient manner with true ability. Need to:
1.Create a smart contract using polygon and connect that to the website, the smart contract will be sent to my wallet after testing.The smart contract functionality is designed to eliminate the cripto wallet on the site.We have an advertising package and tip function where the user will buy banner ads or send tips to the users and our 5% is taken out from this polygon payment.Everything is run on polygon.Our website charges 5% and the other 95% goes to the user. The person sends the payment and the smart contract fractures the amount sending the correct amount to the user. For example someone sends .1 polygon as a tip, the smart contract need to receive that .1 and send two payments after, the .095 goes to the client and the.005 goes tour the owners of the website. The same for when a banner ad package is purchased and the payment is sent, it is fractured by the smart contract. 
2. Do multiple changes to the websites text and usability functions that do not work now like the reset password by email will not work. 
3. edit and make working the banner ad and tip functionality and test it to show it is actually working! 
Please contact me to learn more about the project and the domain name
Thank you

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram
API website 
Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter 
Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter
Like, comment, story link > Instagram
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