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Mailer with alias

I'm looking for create an application in order to send mail with alias (an like but that integrate also integrate my mailobox)that I can connect my own domain name. the important is taht I could pass email with good reputation by using DKIM and SPF record. further I'll need that I could add a catch all email.

Telegram Bot Developer

🚀 Telegram Bot Developer Wanted! 🤖
Join our team as a Telegram Bot Developer! Craft engaging bots to elevate user experience, collaborate on feature implementation, and ensure optimal performance and security. Stay at the forefront of Telegram API advancements, integrating new functionalities to streamline communication. If you're a Python expert with a solid grasp of bot development best practices, we want you!
Design, develop, and deploy innovative Telegram bots.
Collaborate on feature implementation for enhanced user engagement.
Proficient in Python, with hands-on experience in Telegram Bot API.
Strong understanding of bot development best practices.
Be part of reshaping the future of messaging technology! Apply now to contribute your skills in our dynamic and innovative environment. 🌐✨

fork a dapp and deploy on Base

We have a dapp fork from Polygon, it needs to be forked on Base and integrated to the backend.

I need AI chatbot able to be trained using my own text files

I have webstie built on next.js
I need for that simple AI chatbot, that will be trained using my own files (related to website) and be able to answer questions for newcomers.
Chatbot need to be integrated with website 
Looking for your offers

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects utilizing these technologies.If this option is of concern to you, kindly submit your proposal.

Real-Time Data Visualization Dashboard Development

We're seeking a skilled and enthusiastic freelancer with a strong background in data processing and visualization to develop a high-performance, real-time data visualization dashboard for our dynamic organization. This project is all about efficiently processing large volumes of data from diverse sources and delivering rapid insights to support our team's decision-making process.
Key responsibilities:
Collaborate closely with our team to comprehend project requirements and data sources
Design and implement a performance-oriented dashboard that focuses on processing and visualizing data from uncommon and unformatted sources with minimal latency
Develop custom parsers and data processing techniques to handle non-standard data formats and unstructured data effectively
Apply advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze and process large data sets efficiently
Implement smart caching, data optimization strategies, and parallel processing techniques to reduce latency and improve performance
Rigorously test the dashboard for functionality, performance, and compatibility across various platforms
Provide clear documentation and training materials, enabling our team to maintain and update the dashboard as required
Required skills and experience:
Proven experience in developing high-performance, real-time data visualization dashboards, preferably with a focus on handling uncommon and unformatted data
Strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or Julia
Experience working with custom data parsers and handling non-standard data formats or unstructured data
Proven track record of optimizing dashboard performance and reducing latency
Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
Strong communication skills and a collaborative, personable approach to working with a team
(Optional) Demonstrated ability to apply advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze large data sets
If you have a passion for working with diverse data sources and a track record of creating high-performance, real-time dashboards, we'd love to connect with you. Please submit your proposal, including relevant portfolio samples, and let's work together to create a dashboard that delivers rapid, data-driven insights to our team!

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram
API website 
Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter 
Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter
Like, comment, story link > Instagram
Similar to AirDrop BOT

Develop a NFT airdrop bot/platform for airdropping NFTs

We need a bot or website that can airdrop NFTs to our users. This is on Optimism blockchain.
Please only apply if you can build an airdrop bot.

Stocks trading platform

I am in need for a webtrading script, example is, 
margin trading and being able to add different assets, oders should not be filled from own orderbook but executed based on api directly

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram
API website 
Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter 
Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter
Like, comment, story link > Instagram

Cardano node setup + RPC integration into PHP script

We are looking for a freelancer who is able:
Setup a Cardano node with RPC communication between linux ubuntu server (polkadot node) & web host (php)
Integrate the ability to generate a deposit address, detect transaction, detect confirmed transaction and send transactions to clients for Cardano and all tokens on the Cardano blockchain
Integration must be made into our existing PHP/MYSQL based application which does the above already for Bitcoin and Ethereum + ERC-20 Tokens.
Applicants must be able to prove that they are able to do the above if they would like to be accepted for the job. It can be proven with a portfolio or existing application they have worked on which includes the above functionality. If you are able to do other popular coins, please see our other jobs.
Thank you.