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Full stack developer

Posted by daniel

Required skills

Looking for a full stack developer to join our team. You'll work on the projects we're developing in the iGaming/Entertainment area, where the features you work on will be used by thousands of users.
You should know very well:
- JavaScript
- NodeJS
- Vue.js
- Express
- MongoDB
- PostreSQL
- git
Knowing these is a plus:
- command line
- Linux
- Steam
We're looking for someone that is able to work full time (no part time or other commitments) and is close to the GMT timezone. Must be willing to sign an NDA.


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I need someone who can do CSS animation for my project.

Posted by Martin Reed

Required skills

Good day!
I am looking for a CSS artist who is able to do great CSS animations.
I would like to build a CSS based NFT collection.
The fee for this job is 2000$ and the number of designs is 20, so 100 per design.
The NFT's can be very simplistic, they just need great animation :)
Please get in touch if interested!


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Fix the problem of day/night mode on my website

Posted by HilAno Faucet

Required skills

Firstly you need to know that this is a really easy work while my all things are already ready. 
Day/Night mode in my website is not working properly. When i try to change it to night mode, it is working normally and turning to dark mode. But in the dark mode if i try to turn back to day mode(light), it is not really working properly. Just it is getting fixed when i refreshed the page. You can see in the video about my problem (you can see the problem at the end of the video which i will send) = This is the problem of home page in my website 
There is Same problem in my website’s dashboard after logged in too. But this time, the problem is: you can’t turn back to day mode after u took it to night mode in the dashboard. Just it is getting fixed after u refreshed the page. Shortly: My files are ready but it has just a small problem. You will need some css and js knowledge and also i want my website smooth after you have done it, please don’t do anything which can slow down my website. 


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Wordpress HTML/CSS/JS/PHP developer

Posted by FAAS

Required skills

I need help making a mobile e-commerce website. I am a developer, and I don't have time to do everything on my own.
Checkout https://www.byboks.no/kart/?boxGroupId=2295 to have a look at the project.
You must have native or near-native english speaking and writing skills, and the ability to work between 10:00 and 16:00 (GMT+2).
I pay by the hour.


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