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Produce Whitepaper off of a Sample Whitepaper

I need a provider to create a white paper.I will provide the content that is to be put into the white paper.Below is an example of a whitepaper that I want to change and modify.You will need to put the logo of our project and remove the logo and content of this whitepaper.It is a copy and paste job with some graphics design.The image will be turned over to me in a .pdf uneditable format.

Graphics Design of Website Image Content and Banners

I have a job for a graphics designer and photoshop pro who can complete different jobs as needed.
This bid is to make a logo, modify the tokenomics item as shown below and a graphic that you will modify I will supply the image.

I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.