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Label & Packaging design

Posted by serkan mehtap

Required skills

Hi guys, I am looking for a compotent designer that can show portfolio for label design.
We need the following:
Product mockups
Product label designs
Product boxes design with lines and everything for the factory
Looking to pay well !


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Graphic/Web/UI Designer collateral Marketing

Posted by Bianca Mazilu

Required skills
Hello! How can I help? I strive to provide unique and graphically rich designs with exceptional customer service and high-end business services. Feel free to browse my project portfolio as it includes collaborations with various cryptocurrency token projects, small companies and multinational organisations.


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graphic designer

Posted by r.behrouzian

Required skills

I am Ramin from Iran, I have a master's degree in architecture and with 20 years of experience in the field of printing, advertising, graphic design,logo design and make builboard. I also have the most complete collection of printing in Iran and I am completely fluent in Photoshop, corel draw, autocad, illustrator software.


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