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Blockchain Fullstack Developer

Description We are looking for a skilled Blockchain Fullstack Developer to participate into the upgrade of our project. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in both front-end and back-end development, with a...

Fixing issue of existing web3 project

I have web3 project, i bought its referral backend modal but two frontend files cant import its referral secion . I need to fix this issue You have be pro in frontend,react,node.js to solve issue...

Looking for a dev for my Bybit Cex bot

I need to build a Bybit trading bot. CEX BOT take highest prices of new coins being listed for 8 months, after pullback to 70% from highest pricesstart buying in these orders  a) 25% position...

Solana Blockchain Developer for High-Frequency Trading Bot

Seeking an experienced developer proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript and Rust, with familiarity in Solana blockchain development. The role involves building a high-frequency trading bot on the Solana blockchain. Candidates should have prior experience with trading bots,...

bundle tx snipe

script to bundle tx snipe my own spl token using raydium 

Looking for Express.js Developer

I need an API to fetch ElonMusk's recent tweets. You may need to use the Twitter v2 API to do this.

Mailer with alias

I'm looking for create an application in order to send mail with alias (an like but that integrate also integrate my mailobox)that I can connect my own domain name. the important is taht I...

fork a dapp and deploy on Base

We have a dapp fork from Polygon, it needs to be forked on Base and integrated to the backend.

Dapp app for automatically token add to wallet

Hi,  I need a dapp website which can automatically added the token to wallets with decimals. Listed wallets are trustwallet, exodus, ledger nanos, tokenpocket many more.

Mobile App Developer, Software Developer And Game Developer

am looking for a mobile app and software developer or a team who dives into details of my project and who can recommend various solutions based on large experience in Business Applications development you are...

MERN stack developer

Hello, We are cloning the "for business" part of Frontend and Backend are almost completed and candidate should integrate both. Frontend is built by React.js and Backend is built by Node.js and MongoDB. I...

We need pro developers

We are looking for skilled and experienced developers proficient in Java, Node, and other related technologies to join our team. As a developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing software solutions to...