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Dapp update with bug fix and completion

We are new company which want to make our own cryto project as first ranking in the crypto world.
We will launch our own appasap but it still has got some bugs and also needs to add more features for completion.
Our old developer has got problems now and so we need more developers who are really good at smart contract/web3 UI.
If you are good at above skills, please reply. We will share with you all informations about our projects and we can deal other more important things.
We will share current projects with you and will hire with highly rate.
Remember that we will hire only talent and experts.


WEB 3 Tester
A team member is required to work on a large-scale project.
Fixed payment - $ 1,500 per month + ($50-500) for each error found, depending on its significance.
- search for vulnerabilities in games
- search for bugs in games
Required skills:
- Basic principles of blockchain technology
- Basic principles of functioning of tokens and NFT
- Experience in the crypt

Game tester WEB3

A team member is required for a full-time position in the large-scale project. The person should dedicate 4 hours a day to game bug testing.
Fixed payment - $1500 per month + ($50 - $500) for each bug found, depending on its significance.
Skills required:
- Basic principles of blockchain technology
- Basic principles of token and NFT functionality
- Experience in the crypt

Trading Bot

Your primary focus will be to identify and capture profitable arbitrage opportunity by monitoring blockchain transactions and executing trades in real-time

CUDA code bagfix in visual studio 2022 c++ project

bugfix bip39 algo in it HMAC-SHA512 part. now code can`t calculate right seed for mnemonic phrase with 18-24 words, but it work whith 3-15 words right. details in

uploading deploying code / clean up code sec marketplace

simple onboarding of smart contract into network (create buy sell transaction allocated fees), code clean up if necessary to function . 
20$ usd 

Fork indexer and onepage frontend using react, tailwind

In direct. Using react, ethers, axios, tailwind, wagmi ( and rainbowkit (

Crypto Arbitrage HFT Bot

Hi Dev,
Subject: Crypto Arbitrage High Frequency Trading Bot 
I am looking for a crypto arbitrage trading (HFT) bot with simple dashboard for CEX which gives daily percentage of 3% - 7% or even more with 0% risk.
I have researched and found below strategies, kindly check and let me know if this is okay or suggest me the best strategies if you can.
● Market Making
● Cross Market
● Triangular and Latency Arbitrage
Also, let me know if it is good idea to make use of hummingbot open source code for this project.
Please let me know.
Thank You!

Deploy erc20 and erc20 tokens smart contract to main net

Deploy erc20 and erc20 tokens smart contract to main net for full functionality and working of mixer and smart contracts...
Update UI to necessary changes that will be sent via telegram
Require erc20 tokens that are available on uni swap and integrated into the mixer as well. 

Building a Custodial crypto wallet

We are building a non custodial crypto wallet using account abstraction. Since AA allows for transaction batching we are also building a complementary marketplace for devs to deploy their strategies (1click automations) so that a user doesnt have to leave the wallet. Example Yearn Strategies and Donkey finance.
In addition to the marketplace web app, there will be a GitHub repository containing a base strategy with hooks (like the hooks _beforeTransfer, _afterTransfer), allowing developers to create their own customized flows.
1 cent base fee on all transactions + 20% murkup on gas. this fee is split 50/50 with the deployer of the automation.
You will be building a number of base defi automations (batched transactions) + design and develop an onchain strategy factory for strategy deployment. Creation of all the necessary documentation for other developers will have to be worked on in parallel (wrappers, building blocks for strategy creation, helpers, protocol integration handlers, token handling)
Once you grasp the idea i would like to hear what would be your approach to designing and developing the onchain strategy factory.
So please write a proposal with your detailed approach. 
I will continue discussion with well written proposal candidate.

Sandwich bot

Want to improve sandwich bot code and add uncle bandit attack protection and integrate bloxroute gateway so can easy connect with node and run smooth 

Experienced Marketing manger.

Dear, everyone.
I am looking for experienced marketing manager for upcoming NFT/DeFi project.
Budget is negotiate. If you are confident with your ability, please contact me.