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Wordpress HTML/CSS/JS/PHP developer

Posted by FAAS

Required skills

I need help making a mobile e-commerce website. I am a developer, and I don't have time to do everything on my own.
Checkout to have a look at the project.
You must have native or near-native english speaking and writing skills, and the ability to work between 10:00 and 16:00 (GMT+2).
I pay by the hour.


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DApp developer: frontend/Solidity

Posted by Mikko Ohtamaa

Required skills

Telos is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain based on originally EOSIO source code, with fair token distribution and strong on-chain governance as unique selling points. Now Telos community has developed EVM-as-a-smart contract compatibility layer to attract existing Solidity/Vyper projects to the Telos blockchain.
Overview of Telos EVM:
Release roadmap:
Telos Foundation is now looking for a blockchain engineer who can help to deliver and polishing Telos EVM to make it attractive for Solidity developers. The end goal is to have a JSON-RPC API compatible implementation of Ethereum on Telos mainnet.
What we offer
Remote work on the timezone you choose
Flexible hours
A pure community lead project true in crypto spirit
Technically challenging scope of work
A negotiable salary based on your skill level
Open-source project with high peer recognition value
Colleagues in all cultures around the world
What we expect from you
Able to deliver some of the items as described in Telos EVM roadmap
Able to coordinate with other community developers
Working 40 hours a week
Linux/macOS operating system experience
Solidity and Ethereum basic development skills
JavaScript frontend experience with React, Vue.js or others
Familiarity with open-source software development model, Github and such
Experience in writing test suites and utilising continuous integration services
Experience in writing developer documentation and blog posts
You actively use Dapps
You are actively involved in the cryptocurrency community
Expectations are negotiable - if you are particularly strong in some areas, other developers can help you out in others.
You will be paid in cryptocurrency.


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Programers Team Full Stack for dev

Required skills

Core Team of programmers
For dev an app. 
Hi my name is Juan. Im leading a project, im offer a long term job. 
Why long Term? Because we need to create, sustain and moderate the app. 
I need people with experience in big apps. Security. White Hacking. Good infraestructure and user experience. 
What we need: 
---Programm an already diagramed platform. Is based in user interaction, post, cascade and fractals systems, beauty visuals. 
We really put value in knowledge in consciousness and good internal human values. This is a international project that help humanity. (of course is payed)
-We do a meeting to discuss the procedements, languages to use, and all about the creation of this. We need to do it fast. 
We need to have this cooked in 10-15 days. Sowe pay good for that. The payment is just for the creation of the platform and the host. Then we will have a contract to pay monthly to the team. 
This is big, we need good hearth people, but at the same time good hands and brain. We dont have preference of age, but we want mature brain and at least 5-7 years of experience in dev (at least the leader of the team)
We know in 6 months we broke all expectatives. So if you resonate with this. Let's put to work!


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NOW HIRING - Seeking a JavaScript Pro

Posted by Agorise, Ltd.

Required skills

Hello again from the merkle tree! 😃 
We'd like to hire an additional JavaScript Developer. 
To qualify: 
Be an Expert with JavaScript (nodejs, reactjs, json/yaml, etc); your github proof (with public email displayed) is required, since we must verify your recent commits. 
Experienced with Web Scraping
Bitcoin must still be legal in the country in which you live. 
You must accept weekly payments in Bitcoin (BTC)
NOT required, but this is a plus:
Experience with nginx
We are seeking another Developer to join our team here at Agorise who is experienced with webscraping. There are 5 websites that have 4 different values that we must extract every 15 minutes (we will containerize and cron job your script). So, your script will acquire the values we need for the 4 keys and log those values and links in json and yaml files. Easy-peezy, right?:) 
This is a long-term job, and will be mostly your code (we know it's no fun sifting through another guy's code). Multiple projects here if you want more work. This job will employ you immediately, and we're very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. Our Dev Teams are located all over the Earth, and upon being hired, we will introduce you to many of them in our Matrix chat room below (we dumped Telegram). 
If you are qualified, please dm Ken through with your github link and to setup your interview. Please Re-blog this post to help spread the word, and THANK YOU! 💪😃 


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