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Freelance E-commerce Marketing Rockstar

We're looking for a marketing dynamo to take our e-commerce store to the next level. You'll be our go-to person for all things digital marketing, from social media magic to crafting killer email campaigns. Your...

Verify Snapchat Account With Gold Star, views doesn’t matter

I need my Snapchat account verified with the Gold star, it can be an already verified account if that’s easier. I saw somebody offering $300 on here to do it. 

Marketing Manager For Bitcoin Project

EU only please I'm looking for a person who can be a marketing manager for our startup project. It will be long-term work.  Past experience is strongly required

Marketing Campaign: Influencers

Job: Influencer Marketing Manager We are going to amp our marketing efforts into the crypto currency and block chain areas shortly.  We are looking for individuals that have a history with this type of marketing...


Welcome to Riva De Luca EU! Riva De Luca is a European Digital Marketing, Social Media and Contractor Agency based in Germany. We are currently looking for new contractors! What is contracting? Contracting with agencies...

Telegram mass dm

I need someone that will help to run telegram mass dm

Telegram Community Manager

We are looking for a Telegram Community Manager to lead our group. Tasks: - Answer questions - Build community and motivate them to participate in actions - Kick unwanted people - Keep the mood up