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Social Media Manager

Posted by Jachym K.

Required skills

We are a boutique, digital marketing agency focused on clients situated in the cryptocurrency/blockchain landscape. We serve clients from all around the world and currently the whole team works remote only. We are looking for open-minded, knowledgeable individuals that are seeking remote-first work and can think independently.
Create brief, engaging graphic content and copy across major social channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for our clients
Create on-brand, visually appealing graphics that complement social copy and broader strategy 
Work closely with the team to ensure that the organic social strategy aligns with active paid campaigns as well as other channels’ campaigns 
Report on social insights and media analytics to internal teams on a regular basis to inform business decisions to maximize growth and user acquisition 
Manage and run multiple social campaigns within broader co-marketing efforts, while staying within schedule and budget and achieving high-quality output Implement leading social martech solutions to maximize the impact of campaigns 
Use social media publishing & analytics tools to publish content (e.g. Later)
Proven track record managing social media pages for high-growth brands 
Understanding and knowledge of current social media trends
Social media experimentation and strategy background 
Existing blockchain and DeFi knowledge 
Strong writing skills 
Content calendar development experience


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Advertising for a crypto project

Posted by Minato Kitagawa

Required skills

We are looking for talented advertisers for our newly launched crypto token. It doesn't matter if you are expert in Google Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit, Social Media Management etc. We are looking for anyone who can shoot our project to the top!
We are not a finance product, but a smart contract token based on price appreciation. Our development team is working on the further development every day.
Please share your experience with us as well on which projects you have been involved.


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