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Just play the game from home

Task Completion: Engage in a variety of simple, yet fun tasks such as subscribing to a group, liking posts, or leaving comments. Point Accumulation: For every task completed, earn points that contribute towards your monthly...

Ads Manager

Hi, for a new campagin we are looking for a freelance with existing ads account / business manager that can create a pge for my non-profit company. we will pay you here for your work...

Digital paid advertising experts

Hi, we look for an expert in facebook advertising to boost our campaigns. we pay for the media budget + your work - all in this platform. 

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Job Description: The CEO will serve as the primary driver of our company's growth strategy, overseeing all aspects of operations and ensuring the organization achieves its strategic objectives. As the leader of our team, the...

CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer)

Job Summary: We are seeking a highly skilled and strategic Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) to join our leadership team. The CBDO will be responsible for driving the growth and success of our organization by...