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Open Jobs

SEO Article re-writing

SEO Article re-writing

We’re looking for a content writer to rewrite an article from LaborX blog so we could post it on blog. 
Title:  Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency
Words in total: 650
Keywords: jobs that pay in bitcoin, work for bitcoin, jobs for bitcoin, jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, work for bitcoin online, online jobs that pay in bitcoin, bitcoin freelance jobs
 Crypto payment benefits - 100 words
5 Website to Get a Job that pay in bitcoin and other crypto - 300 words
Find blockchain company that pay in crypto and bitcoin - 150
FInal words - 100
Article to rewrite:
Other examples:
0.25000 ETH≈ $60.31
Create a landing page

Create a landing page

Create a landing page for a blockchain project in the field of energy
I will provide texts and warframe. Need a design and 5-7 illustrations
The task is to talk about technology and company on the site
I will send details after viewing the portfolio
100.00 TIME≈ $205.16
Korean writer for crypto finance blog

Korean writer for crypto finance blog

Need 5 articles about 2000 words each
We’ll give you a data. Your task is transform data to beautiful text.
1. Native speaker.
2. Familiar with crypto knowledge.
3. Experienced in reading&writing
150.00 USDT≈ $150.33


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Dispute Service

Dispute Service

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Should this occur, users can employ the Dispute service. You can suggest a third-party mediator, or LaborX can provide one.

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What is a blockchain engineer?

What is a blockchain engineer?

The blockchain sector has seen an explosion of career opportunities in recent years, with blockchain developer skills in high demand as more and more companies explore how these technologies can transform their business.

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