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Funds are escrowed when a Gig contract is signed, pay the freelancer once the job is done. Standard dispute resolution is available if required.

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Mobile app (REACT NATIVE or HTML5, Android or Apple)

Mobile app (REACT NATIVE or HTML5, Android or Apple)

We are looking for mobile developers who are well versed in REACT NATIVE.
We want to develop a mobile application for Android or IOS (details can be found in the appendix).
You are responsible for the interface development in REACT NATIVE, the API is a simple POST-GET JSON API and is almost finished.

We are looking for people who want to work together for the long term.

The project should be completed within in 2 weeks. You need to find some icons or other graphics buy your self, but we provide a professional template what you will use for the mobile application.
Publish Android application

Publish Android application

I am willing to pay to an android specialist who will publish my Android application. A candidate must have an active developer account on the Google Play Market and possess the Android programming skills. To participate in the competition, you need to post the provided Android App Bundle on the GooglePlay Market. The winner will receive$200and the further employment.
SEO Article for company blog

SEO Article for company blog

We’re looking for a content writer to rewrite an article from LaborX blog so we could post it on blog. 
Title:Where to Find blockchain jobs
Words in total: 550
Keywords: jobs in blockchain, entry level blockchain jobs

Why Work in Blockchain? - 100 words
Where to find crypto jobs - 150 words
Where to get blockchain skills - 100 words
Salaries in Blockchain Jobs - 100 words
Building a Career in Blockchain - 100 words
Article to rewrite:

We have 4 598 freelancers

Cassius Crypto
Writing, Articles, Content Creation, Film scripts, White papers, Blogs
Average Rating: 5
Next Hodl
UI/UX | Illustrations
Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Content Creation, Blockchain, Web & Mobile Design, Logo & Brand Identity, Art & Illustration, Visual Design, Print Design, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Video Ad Campaigns
Average Rating: 5
Lukas Melville
Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Design & Creative, Writing, Translation, Blockchain & Crypto
Average Rating: 4.6


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The Reputation module provides protections and a feedback system to help users select the best freelancers and clients.

Our algorithm accounts for factors such as previous experience and education, reviews, completed contracts and much more. Variables are weighted according to their importance and relevance.

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Set the conditions for how you'll work together, including deadlines and payment terms, using the Contract module.

We protect your financial relationship through digital escrow by locking the funds when the contract is signed - releasing them automatically when the work has been completed and accepted.

Dispute Service

Dispute Service

Disputes can arise when one or other side disagrees about the quality of the work submitted.

Should this occur, users can employ the Dispute service. You can suggest a third-party mediator, or LaborX can provide one.

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How to pitch your services as Gigs on

How to pitch your services as Gigs on

LaborX doesn’t just provide a way for freelancers to display their CVs and customers to upload jobs for them to browse. You can also offer your skills directly to employers in a specific, clearly-defined package with a fixed price – giving them an off-the-peg option for many common tasks they might need.

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