Premium Account


Our community is our most important resource. That’s why we’ve launched Premium accounts, which will offer members a series of attractive perks!

Zero Fees

Enjoy fee-free service, forever – saving 5% for freelancers and 1% for customers, on any contract you complete


Customers will receive 1% of the contract amount back to their wallet after the contract has ended

Larger Referral Bonuses

Partners typically receive 50% of fees paid by referred users, while Premium account holders receive 80%

Reduced Dispute Fees

Settle your differences for less when initiating or responding to disputes

Visually Highlighted Provider

Stand out from the crowd in the search results

Priority Placement

Rank above other users in Job searches or Gigs


To become a Premium member of LaborX, simply sign up and deposit at least
tokens in total to your wallets: Cloud or Metamask. You’ll be recognised with a Premium account badge, and so long as you don’t let your balance fall below the required amount, you’ll keep getting all these great benefits!

You can buy TIME on TimeX, Kucoin or Uniswap, and deposit tokens to the address shown in your dashboard.