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SEO Article re-writing

Posted by LaborX Pty Ltd

Required skills

We’re looking for a content writer to rewrite an article from LaborX blog so we could post it on blog. 
Title:  Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency
Words in total: 650
Keywords: jobs that pay in bitcoin, work for bitcoin, jobs for bitcoin, jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, work for bitcoin online, online jobs that pay in bitcoin, bitcoin freelance jobs
 Crypto payment benefits - 100 words
5 Website to Get a Job that pay in bitcoin and other crypto - 300 words
Find blockchain company that pay in crypto and bitcoin - 150
FInal words - 100
Article to rewrite:
Other examples:


0.25000 ETH 
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Create a landing page

Posted by Stan Mivoc

Required skills

Create a landing page for a blockchain project in the field of energy
I will provide texts and warframe. Need a design and 5-7 illustrations
The task is to talk about technology and company on the site
I will send details after viewing the portfolio


100.00 TIME 
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Korean writer for crypto finance blog

Posted by Peter Hams

Required skills

Need 5 articles about 2000 words each
We’ll give you a data. Your task is transform data to beautiful text.
1. Native speaker.
2. Familiar with crypto knowledge.
3. Experienced in reading&writing


150.00 USDT 
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MVP Of Crypto Wallet Application

Posted by Toranto

Required skills

We need a crypto wallet application with basic functions:
Support for iOS and Android
Support for ERC20 and BTC
Deposit and withdrawal of funds to other addresses
Transaction Information


10.91650 ETH 
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Create icons set

Posted by Jhon Woo

Need create set of socials icons 


3.00 TIME 
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Looking for a commercial graphic designer

Posted by Константин Смирнов

Required skills

We are a young company in LED lighting, looking for an experienced graphic designer. You must be bilingual in French and English without using translation tools.

We will need to speak to you from time to time, so we can't use Google translation or something.

We have several needs such as: creation of icon, logo, web button, assembly sketch, technical sheets, layout and modification of existing documents, photo editing, creation of price list, etc.

Before assigning tasks to you, we need to see your previous creations to ensure that we see the kind of rendering you do according to our needs.


45.00 USDT 
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Article Rewriter needed - 100% Unique content needed

Posted by Nikita Konstyak

Required skills

Needs to hire 10 Freelancers for my projects
We are looking for website content rewriters to help me with our hundreds of websites. Needing 100% unique rewriting of existing articles. No auto spinning, quality work only! All work must pass copyscape no exceptions.

Pay is $10 per 1000 words, or .01 per word and this is an on-going job as we have endless amounts of articles that we need, including many articles about the same topic and keywords only unique content. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants steady work and is good at 100% unique rewriting. No research needed.

Must be able to rewrite at least 10 articles per week, more is better.
I am looking for a mix of experience and value specialists


10.00 USDT 
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Writer needed to write 2.5K word article Newbies Are Welcome

Posted by Nikita Konstyak

Required skills

I need a person who can deliver 2.5k word article. The structure of the article will be provided and you have to come up with a great piece of writing. 5 Star Review Guaranteed if the work goes well!!


5.00 USDT 
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New ERC-20 token consulting

Posted by Jhon Sams

Required skills

Need consulting for 2-3 hours about new ERC-20 token. Some legal questions.


1.00000 ETH 
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Копирайтер, создать тексты для ботов

Posted by Igor Kiltsen

Required skills

Нужно написать тексты для Телеграм-бота

Нужно написать тексты для телеграм-бота. Десять шагов, размер от 300 до 1000 символов.
Описать категории, функционал, что требуется от пользователя. Шаблоны диалогов с юзером и формы для заполнения.


0.50000 ETH 
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