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Logo design

Logo Design We are seeking a talented Logo Designer who is passionate about creating captivating and meaningful visual identities. As a Logo Designer, you will collaborate with our team to create unique and innovative logos...

Freelance HR Recruiter Needed for Innovative Project

We are seeking a motivated and hardworking freelance HR recruiter to join our team and help us find top talent for our exciting new project. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or just starting out,...

HARD core wallet DALE

Looking for freelancer turn hard core wallet explorer blockchain to android app and url website using team viewer or zoom app than doing marketing thx

Algorand Crypto Token Sales

If you use gmail or other free email platforms, this job is not for you. You must possess your own business email address. Ex. - NOT Also, this job pays you for your...

Base to Solana Bridge through wormhole

Basically I need a Base to Solana token bridge with the help of wormhole

Game Tester for a Web3 P2E Game

Responsibilities: - Play our Web3 P2E game and provide feedback on usability. - Identify and clearly document bugs within the game. - Collaborate with our Development and QA team to identify game features in need...

Establish communication with a company agent

The job involves retrieving the contact information of a company and establishing a means of communication with the company’s representative or executive personnel. Notes to consider; 1. mode of interaction, 2. estimated time of completion,...

Independent Sales Representative

Company introduction Shanghai Jungle is a full-spectrum marketing agency established in 2013 that focuses on assisting foreign businesses in marketing and sales to China. Our portfolio of services includes marketing, sales support, translations, trademarks, and...

Create NFT, attach direct deposit to NFT

I have an image that I desire to be converted into an NFT and have a crypto token attached to said NFT. I've paid a Fiverr person to create a crypto token on the Algorand...

Intercept request of an android app

Hello, can you intercept request of an android application which have root detection and ssl pinning? This is the app:

Convert my image into an NFT

I have the image that I desire to have converted into an NFT and desire lifetime royalties from the sale of the NFT.My. image is to become 5 individual NFTs. There are more details but...

Need a volume trading bot

Need a volume bot that can help to create minimal spike in volume on an ETH Chart to helpour marketcap and project progress as we continue to work on Utility.  Let me know if you...

We found 638 Freelance Blockchain and Crypto jobs that paid in cryptocurrency. Search for work, find a remote job that suits your needs, and apply now!

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What careers are there in crypto?

The crypto industry offers many different kinds of jobs, including both technical and non-technical roles. Some, like blockchain engineer and developer jobs, will require an in-depth knowledge of blockchain. Others, such as marketing and communications roles, will need some higher-level understanding. Many support roles, including customer service and administration, will require little to no specific expertise – though learning as much as you can will always be helpful.

How much do crypto workers make?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the blockchain space will pay well into six figures, with the top engineering roles earning salaries of $250,000 or more, plus token and/or stock options. Of course, entry-level jobs are not this well paid. However, there is a shortage of qualified talent for crypto jobs across the board. As a result, you can expect compensation to be significantly higher than for comparable roles in the wider jobs market. Pay is typically around 15-20% higher than for similar positions.

How do I get a job in crypto?

If you’re interested in getting a job in the blockchain space, the best thing is learn as much as you can, and get involved in whatever way possible. You’ll find lots of grassroots communities who will help you understand the tech, and apply any skills you have – whether as a developer, in communications, marketing, or other roles. This may lead directly to a job in its own right, but it will also help you to stand out if you apply for jobs you have found via more conventional means, like searching LinkedIn and other major sites for suitable vacancies.

Do crypto jobs pay well?

Jobs in the crypto and Web3 world have a reputation for paying more than similar roles in other sectors. This is down to the specialist nature of the technology and the fact that there are still relatively few people who understand it well and have the experience necessary to fill the positions that exist. At the very top end, pay can be astronomically high, but even in entry-level jobs you’ll enjoy a ‘crypto premium’ of 15-20% above comparable jobs in other companies.