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front end engineer needed - react js

Posted by tessa s

Required skills

We're on a mission to make crypto investing super simple & safe for the mass market. We initially will launch an mvp which includes staking ethereum 2.0 as a service - we need a front end engineer to help uplift our app's look & feel based on the design. Please express your interest to join our start up - we want this to be a long-term arrangement as we grow. Initially, you will be part time but we want this to be a full time thing in the future. 


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React + Symfony/Drupal - Fullstack developers

Posted by Dilygent

Required skills

Dilygent, a digital web development shop is looking for fullstack developers with React skills along Symfony or Drupal 8/9 experience, for on-demand work (~10 to 32 hours per week)
NOTE: We are looking to hire individuals, not any company.


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