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redesign with tailwind css + reactjs

Hi i need someone that can redesign this website with tailwinds css and make a better UI for mobile and web. You must be proficient in tailwind css and know a bit of react...

Web3 Hackathon

I need help in one of the biggest Hackathon to get the best possible rank among competitors. 

React Developer

I would love to find someone we can work together to finish a project for a client.A couple of small UI/UX fixes.He should have good UI/UX skills and easy to work with.Thanks.

React.js Web App Development

Our web application is developed with React.js frontend and Firebase backend. We are going to switch DB from Firebase Realtime database to Postgresql. Postgresql DB schema is ready.  We will invite you to our...

Front end for an EVM-Compatible dApp (CANTO blockchain)

Hello! My company developed a working backend for a multi-chain staking dApp that aggregates user deposits and then redistributes the earned staking rewards to a random depositor each day. We are looking to have the...

fork a dapp and deploy on Base

We have a dapp fork from Polygon, it needs to be forked on Base and integrated to the backend.

Looking for React js or Laravel developer

I am looking for web developer who has 4+ years expereince. This project is made using wordpress. now I am going to update it with React, Next or Laravel.

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering...

Need Frontend and Web3 Developer

This is Exome Group. We are looking for Frontend experts with Web3 experience. We need to upgrade the old Sheep Game website and deploy smart contracts to polygons. Our previous developer is not available now...

ReactJS Developer with experience in Django

We are looking for an experienced ReactJS developer who can help us understand the code of an open-source Web Application that uses Python in the backend. We need consultation in understanding the code structure and...

Dapp app for automatically token add to wallet

Hi,  I need a dapp website which can automatically added the token to wallets with decimals. Listed wallets are trustwallet, exodus, ledger nanos, tokenpocket many more.