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Blockchain site frontend with React

Posted by Scott Mark

Required skills

this project is a little urgent .
if you know pancakeswap uikit, please let me post
i want only Landing page now and will hire you according to your work quality.
you should make landing page with React . My budget is 1500~ 2000.
.this is future Preferred Candidate: Deep understanding of crypto economics Experience in Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and development Proficient in RDBMS, NodeJS, C++, NoSQL, JavaScript, Java, algorithms, data structures, and distributed databases Familiar with cryptographic principles Experience of Blockchain architecture, standards/protocols, and private keys Experienced in developing in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud space Perks and Benefits:
please check attach file for detail.


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Senior Solidity Dev - PokerDAO

Posted by PokerDAO

Required skills

Full Stack Senior Solidity Dev 
Not afraid to deal to deal with complex code.. 
We are a non-custodial fully decentralized poker protocol that leverages optimistic roll ups - looking for a full time senior dev that can work in autonomy. Our MVP is finished but needs some tiding 
Optional to get allocation in tokens ahead of the launch.


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front end engineer needed - react js

Posted by tessa s

Required skills

We're on a mission to make crypto investing super simple & safe for the mass market. We initially will launch an mvp which includes staking ethereum 2.0 as a service - we need a front end engineer to help uplift our app's look & feel based on the design. Please express your interest to join our start up - we want this to be a long-term arrangement as we grow. Initially, you will be part time but we want this to be a full time thing in the future. 


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