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Discord Moderator Wanted

Looking for discord mod to help me with crypto / web3 communities.  Remote  Pay is negotiable.  Can be from any timezone.  Please send examples of servers you have moderated in the past as part of...


Muhasebe (Entry Level) - Gaming, Axie Infinity We are searching for a talented individual to join our team as an Entry Level Muhasebe (Accountant) with a deep understanding and experience in the gaming industry, particularly...

Just play the game

We all love to play games! I'm looking for a team of users to test the game! For this you will be able to receive from $50 to $100 per day! This can be a...

GameDev Mentor (Unity/Unreal)

Searching for a game dev mentor who could help me to be able to create my own games with Unity or Unreal engines  I‘d like to meet often, every day or every other day and...

Software testing

Требуется тестировщик приложений, я разработчик своей игры, времени на тестирование не хватает, поэтому нужны дополнительные силы. На моей стороне будет файл со всеми данными, на вашей стороне ПК и немного времени.

MMORPG games

I'm in search of professional game developer for a game developer to help create a unique a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Similar to WoW. Like other MMORPGs, the game allows players to create...

I need a game developer

Game developer

Nft metarverse game

Are you Looking for Professional NFT metarverse Game Developer that can help you to Convert you own idea or Game thats already develop similar to you own idea, if yes? Search no more cause I...

Nft Blockchain gameg

We would like to develop a simple P2E game for our Ape NFT project, any idea of the price and how long it will take? What are the options? 

Casino slots Twitch Streamer- Needed

We are looking for an experienced streamer to become our main streamer on Twitch, You must have tools to provide good quality streaming.