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Bot development

Would you be able to create a liquidity provider bot for Uniswap v3? I'm looking to create a bot that automatically adjusts ranges when providing liquidity so that I don't have to constantly adjust the range when the price moves out of my current range. So for example: ETH/USD current price is 1350 My target range is $50 at all times so in this case upper bound is $1375 and lower bound is $1325 Would you be able to create a bot that automatically adjusts my range based on wether or not the price exits the range? So if price moves upward to $1375, the bot automatically re-adjusts my range from $1350 (lower bound) to $1400 (upper bound) and if price moves back down to $1350, the range would then be adjusted again to a $1325 to $1375 range. Would you be able to help me with this?

I want to make isometric map generator with phaser.

Can you help me with isometric map generator.
I want to make a game using isometric map.
I want to make this game with phaser.
1- make a map generator to create and modify map easy.
2- make a game scene from this map.
Help me.