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Develop an online store for digital goods

Posted by Markus Sauer

Required skills

Dear reader,
I need an online store to sell digital products which consist of text data, the products should be bought by shop balance which can be recharged with cryptocurrencies.
Monero (XMR), Dash and Bitcoin should be supported where ill setup for each a full node, and the shop system should handle transactions/topups through each of the JSON-RPC APIs of those full nodes.
Preferably the shop will be either based on Laravel or Symfony, with a simple bare Bootstrap 4 layout.
The shop should have a user panel which has the following feature for the customer:
Ticket section - to resolve any issues
Order section - to view any ordered product
Topup section - to topup/recharge users balance with crypto
Profile section - to change options for the user and profile settings like password
Also of course a tradtional list of categories and products.
Products should have a mass order discount which should also be displayed for the user in the frontend.
An admin panel with proper acl to manage users, products, categories, tickets, crypto wallets, shop settings etc.
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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React + Symfony/Drupal - Fullstack developers

Posted by Dilygent

Required skills

Dilygent, a digital web development shop is looking for fullstack developers with React skills along Symfony or Drupal 8/9 experience, for on-demand work (~10 to 32 hours per week)
NOTE: We are looking to hire individuals, not any company.


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