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I need someone who can make account for me.

Hi guys, I need someone who can make account for me.(one among USA/Australia/Canada/UK/Germany) If you have already made one or can make new one, please contact me. Thank you.

B.O.S developer

AC-DAO is looking for a savvy B.O.S developer with the prospect of further growth to serve as a mentor in a training hub for B.O.S developers. Please study B.O.S before answering. We pay by results. ...

Concordium Soul Bound Token

I need someone, who is familiar with Rust and Concordium Blockchain to write a smart contract for the minting and distribution of SBTs with a sponsored transaction.

open source developper C/C++/Git

Need sole work done in on open source project. More info in private.

Compile and fix small error in Crypto Wallet

Please read this well and. respond if you can fix it with a detailed explanation, no generic responses of I am the right one for the job without awareness of what is the problem Hello,...

Upgraded DEX platform

We currently have a basic DEX ( we would like a new dex built which is more like dextools, easy token searching, multichain, rankings but very clean looking and to the style of the existing...

Engineer Gideon welcome

I want to multiply a value by a percentage. In some cases, we need to enter the word "Special" instead of the calculation.I am getting the #Value! error, I am not sure if this is...

I need some device's datasheet

hi I need some device's datasheet. I bought a set top box board and there are some unknown devices there. I got topmarks of them A098F JRC SOP8 A097F JRC SOP8 XIUJ SOT23 PCB board...