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React Native Developer is needed

Urgent help is needed!
Project deadline is 7 hours after offer is accepted.
We have a presentation with an investor and need to complete our MVP in a few hours.
You need to build 2 react native pages (only UI) from our mockup.
This mockup is just mockup, not final design. So you can adjust this with your creative idea.
I attach 2 pages mockup that you need to build and whole mockup for your reference.
URGENT!only 7 hours after offer is accepted!

Website redesign and add new features

For the website/webapp, want to revamp the whole UX to bring more minimalistic and attractive UI. Also want to add new features. The details can be found below.
** Please note that this is not the exhaustive list and there may be new features required in develpoment.
Redesign of Xto8 –
- More lean and modern UI
- Get rid of Top trending and featured and simply have them listed in vertical fashion
- Featured blogs on top.
- Facility to upload a video for idea.
- Smaller banner which can be customized
- Left menu should have the following –
o Idea Categories
o Your startup guide
o Become a mentor
o Invest in ideas
o Register as an expert
o Link your professional profile
 LinkedIn
 Upwork
 Fiver
 Freelancer
- Feature to share idea on Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram.
- Feature to have minimum number of likes and votes defined to move the idea to the next stage.


We need a desirable team member who possesses adaptive, proactive, persistent dependable & loyal character attributes that is always willing to go for to extra effort to accomplish and DELIVER. Doing the right thing the right way the first time. As we shape our business, we want for each team member to be both very accurate and precise in everything that they say and do.Do you possess what it takes?
Job Description
We are looking for a FULL-TIME FRONT-END Developer with an eye for fine details for both FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC interactive website design. We require someone with good experience optimising such for both Desktop & Mobile devices, as we are a SaaS application development company, so require exceptional ability, ambition & skillsets. Join us and you will be part of a dedicated and loyal team with modern dev architecture, and have the chance to shape our business and culture long term.
This is a FULL-TIME, fully-remote contractor position.
40 Working hours/week between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday in your Timezone
Only INDIVIDUAL applicants needed.
All applicants will be required for a video interview.
Use the phrase ‘absolute perfection required’ in your application 
All applicants must submit a complete portfolio, source code examples
Provide ALL Social Media links, eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
Undergo a full background/ Security Clearance & Police Check.
To your cover letter, please answer the following:
Identify only “one skill” as an effective front-end developer.
What does security and confidentiality means to you?
What does "clean code" means to you?
To consider you as one of the short-listed candidates, you should COMPLETE the above requirements in the next 24 to 48 hours, please send in your application with your CV, portfolio, and hourly/week rate in USD to
For interested bidders: Please send us your CV/Resume and portfolio or attach the link of the required documents to your bid. Please be mindful of your bid as we consider your bid as an actual FINAL bid. Any change of bid during the the interview process WILL lead to automatic revocation of any offer, and termination of interview.

React js simple project

I am going to find a developer who are good at React js.
This is a big project and db design as well.
This is the front end React project and there are some more jobs after done.

Mobile app (REACT NATIVE or HTML5, Android or Apple)

We are looking for mobile developers who are well versed in REACT NATIVE.
We want to develop a mobile application for Android or IOS (details can be found in the appendix).
You are responsible for the interface development in REACT NATIVE, the API is a simple POST-GET JSON API and is almost finished.
We are looking for people who want to work together for the long term.
The project should be completed within in 2 weeks. You need to find some icons or other graphics buy your self, but we provide a professional template what you will use for the mobile application.