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Mailer with alias

I'm looking for create an application in order to send mail with alias (an like but that integrate also integrate my mailobox)that I can connect my own domain name. the important is taht I...

fork a dapp and deploy on Base

We have a dapp fork from Polygon, it needs to be forked on Base and integrated to the backend.

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering...

Mobile App Developer, Software Developer And Game Developer

am looking for a mobile app and software developer or a team who dives into details of my project and who can recommend various solutions based on large experience in Business Applications development you are...

We need pro developers

We are looking for skilled and experienced developers proficient in Java, Node, and other related technologies to join our team. As a developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing software solutions to...

Develop a NFT airdrop bot/platform for airdropping NFTs

We need a bot or website that can airdrop NFTs to our users. This is on Optimism blockchain. Please only apply if you can build an airdrop bot.

Slack Mass DM bot

Hello I am looking for a chatbot expert who can create a Slack Mass DM bot that can send bulk message to all members of the group on slack. If you have any experience in...

Stocks trading platform

I am in need for a webtrading script, example is,  margin trading and being able to add different assets, oders should not be filled from own orderbook but executed based on api directly

Bot Telegram

Bot Telegram API website  Multi-language Compulsory membership link on Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter  Task  Retweet, like, comment, tweet > twitter Like, comment, story link > Instagram

Coder required

Hey, I am Ayush Rathod from Friozel, Mumbai. We are a FMCG based start up. Our products include Friozel Soap Pen. We make products which will prove to be beneficial for people and give them...

tradovate trading bot

I NEED A PROFESSIONAL IN TRADING BOT DEVELOPMENT THAT CAN DEVELOP A TRADING BOT WITH THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS 1. 2 Exponential moving averages Set one to 21 The second to 200 2. Immediately 21 goes...

Flash loan/ Arbitrage bot

I am looking for an experienced blockchain developer to create a flash loan that can be used on the majority of the decentralised exchanges to maximise my reach and opportunity with arbitrage trading. The flash...