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React Developer

I would love to find someone we can work together to finish a project for a client.A couple of small UI/UX fixes.He should have good UI/UX skills and easy to work with.Thanks.

Re-design and edit a codeigniter website!

I have a website in CodeIgniter and I would like to edit the desing and the layout of the pages and add a few functionalities.
More details will be discussed in private.

React Native Developer is needed

Urgent help is needed!
Project deadline is 7 hours after offer is accepted.
We have a presentation with an investor and need to complete our MVP in a few hours.
You need to build 2 react native pages (only UI) from our mockup.
This mockup is just mockup, not final design. So you can adjust this with your creative idea.
I attach 2 pages mockup that you need to build and whole mockup for your reference.
URGENT!only 7 hours after offer is accepted!

Fix bugs in my dapp

I have a multichain Web3 crowdfunding dapp that needs to be fixed frmbugs and also allow projects to show without connecting wallet.

Bot developer

I’m looking for a developer to build an aggregator bot using the Moonarch API for the Avax network, it should be a fairly simple job for anyone proficient or mid level knowledge of software and bot development. Hiring ASAP.

Front end for an EVM-Compatible dApp (CANTO blockchain)

My company developed a working backend for a multi-chain staking dApp that aggregates user deposits and then redistributes the earned staking rewards to a random depositor each day.
We are looking to have the frontend for the dApp completed, in either Node.js or React preferably. Our backend generates all of the data necessary for the frontend.
We also currently have about half of the frontend completed in Node.js. You may view this in our Gitlab (linked below).
We need someone to complete the frontend - either from scratch, or built on top of what we have completed currently. This would preferably be done in Node.js or React (see our current progress in the "Windfall-Next" folder of our Gitlab below).
This frontend also needs to pull relevant data from our backend to be displayed for our users. This can be done either via middleware you create, or by bypassing a middleware altogether and just calling the functions directly on the frontend. We believe we don't need a middleware, but are open to having one if you believe it to be necessary.
The comments on our Figma design file (below) explain both what data needs to be pulled, as well as what the frontend design needs to look like.
The ONLY chain that will need to be completed for the frontend (both design and data) is from the CANTO blockchain, which is an EVM-compatible blockchain built on Cosmos.
The design file itself shows an example of how we will eventually expand to multiple blockchains, but note that the ONLY job you will need to complete for this job is the CANTO display and information.
We don't have a strict deadline for this job.
Our Figma design file, including comments on the functionality of each of the frontend sections:
Our repo:
- Note: Our current frontend work can be found in the "Windfall-Next" folder.
- Note: The ReadMe file here contains relevant information on which commands you will need to call for the frontend, along with Contract Address and other relevant information regarding the CANTO blockchain.
We will be available to help with any questions. This includes our backend developer, who is more than happy to offer assistance with questions about calling the backends functions.

Web Application

We are looking for a person,
who has experience in FrontEnd and BackEnd programming,
must have experience in Blockchain,
for more contact us,
limited time,
payment 1000Eur.

ReactJS Developer Wanted

I am actively searching for a highly experienced ReactJS developer who possesses a strong proficiency in working with the Django framework for backend. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects utilizing these technologies.If this option is of concern to you, kindly submit your proposal.

Need Frontend and Web3 Developer

This is Exome Group.
We are looking for Frontend experts with Web3 experience.
We need to upgrade the old Sheep Game website and deploy smart contracts to polygons.
Our previous developer is not available now so he can't upgrade anymore.
We will share our private repo of frontend and you should check websites.
And then send estimate for this project.

WooCommerce expert developer to develop an affiliate plugin

I'm looking for a WooCommerce expert developer to create an affiliate plugin. The plugin requirements is attached.
Please go through the requirements and let me know if you have any questions.

Senior React + Python Developer

I am looking for senior Python & React Ecommerce developer for my ecommerce start up project.
Once I get good job, I will go forward with many features for the next.